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Pixel car racer Mod APK
Pixel car racer Mod APK Download APK
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Pixel car racer Mod APK  It’s not true that 3D games are just good 2D games are also very good. Today we will talk about one such game called 2D Games.2D games are just as popular in the Android market as 3D games. If the company that makes them is good. The game we are going to talk about today is Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk. This is a 2D game and very much good.

Pixel car racer Mod APK

This game is perfect. I want to tell you that you must check it only once.
Pixel Car is the best today game am with is basically an arcade racing game and some with RPG experience. You can customize your car in this game.

You can build your own garage in this game with lots of cars, and you can customize them. In this modified Pixel car racer Mod APK, you will be given many cars to use while playing this game. Now you can use these cars to become a much better player in the game.

There are many more 2D games in the play store, but this is the best game. I have used many other games like this, but I like it the most, so I have brought this game on my website for you today. I hope you enjoy this game. When you play this game, you will feel like it is in the nineteen nineties game, but it is not today’s game.


Pixel Car Mod Apk


Now you may be thinking that these games are also available on the Play Store, but we are downloading them from this site, so the answer is that We’ve made some changes for you, like a lot of money. In this game, you get unlimited boxes unlimited money for free without using any money.

We also add some features in this modified version that will help you become a pro player. You will receive a small amount of money when you complete this game’s levels, which will be very few. So download the pixel car racer mod apk from our website now and get unlimited money.

You’ll find both links in the download description original and modified version. If you want to see your skills, we would advise you to download the original APK. There is a process for installing this game. Please read it carefully so that you do not come later.

Pixel car racer Mod APK overview

Pixel car racer game is developed by a well-known company Studio Furuerukawa. The graphics of this game are 2D. The most significant advantage you will have is that you will not have a lag mobile phone, and the game will run very well. The Size of this game is also tiny, not so big. The sound quality of this game is too good. You can easily play this game without any very. When you play this game, you will are driving a real car.

features of Pixel car racer Mod APK

  • You can customize your car unlimited times.
  • More than 200 cars available in store
  • RPG style
  • Main liveries
  • Technology is good
  • Available car styles are Japan, Europe, and the USA.
  • Also, a faq to discuss your problems.
  • Gear options are available, like automatic and manual.
  • The speed of cars is awesome.
  • Best engine system
  • Amazing 2D graphics
  • You can sign in with your social accounts to save your progress.
  • Frequent updates
  • You can participate in tournaments every weekend.
  • In every week update, new cars are added.

Mod features of pixel car racer mod apk hack

  1. Diamonds and money are unlimited.
  2. Unlimited boxers
  3. There is no requirement of root to get this mod.
  4. All the cars are unlocked.
  5. VIP mode is activated
  6. There is no Malware or virus in this version.
  7. Safe to use
  8. Easy to download

What’s new in pixel car racer mod apk hack

pixel car racer mod apk hack In this new version, you will find 80 New Cars. These cars are mostly made in the style of Japan and the United States. And there were a lot more cars added in the future that would be in European style. You can also customize the turbos and rims of these cars. Some of the things I didn’t like about this game were that there were cost a lot of prices for cars. But you don’t have to worry because it gives you unlimited money in Pixel car racer Mod APK.

  • In the last few days, there are a lot of features added that are given below.
  • You can show off your call with modified rims and turbos.
  • The previous game version had several issues that were resolved.

Final words Pixel Car Mod Apk

If you are interested in playing arcade game code, then this will be very good for you. I opened it once and never dared to leave. This game is very addicting. If you have any trouble installing them, then you contact us. If you like this game, then share it with your friends and also share our website. Visit our website for good games. We will provide you with download links for many more such games.



This is an amazingly addictive game. You get to build and customize your own cars from the chassis of cars ranging from SUV to a Chiron. Some requested additions!: -when shopping for cars, it would be nice to have the name of the car pop up -when searching for owned car parts in your garage, it can be tedious to swipe indefinitely. It would be nice if there were some pop-up-menu instead (or an option to do so). – A revamped/ improved tutorial.

MAD’s mad

This Pixel car racer Mod APK has SO MUCH promise, but two game-killing mechanics take the fun out of it. 1. It’s way too easy to skip gears. Going from 3 to 5 kills a drag race and shouldn’t be possible. (Except with H pattern in real life but not a sequential) 2. When you’re racing AI, they don’t have any velocity loss when they shift. It’s like they have a CVT and kind of makes drag racing unfair when they continuously accelerate and you can’t.



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