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Homescapes mod APK unlimited coins/lives games
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Homescapes mod apk unlimited coins/lives

In this article, we discuss Homescapes mod APK unlimited coins/lives games. Basically, it is a puzzle game but not like other puzzle-solving games. If you want to play the Mod of this game, then you are in the only right place. If you want to know more about this game, then read the article.

homescapes mod apk unlimited coins/lives


Homescapes Mod APK

This is a 3D puzzle game basically developed by Playrix company. It is available for many operating systems like iOS devices and Android devices Mac devices. Players have solved many puzzles to build their houses in this game.

The storyLine of Homescapes Mod APK
Story-based on character Austin protagonist. Austin lives with his parents. Austin’s family has many mansions. One day, their family decided to sell all these mansions because they could not afford these renovation costs.
But Austin disagrees with their parents. Somehow the parents play store his home.

Features of Homescapes Mod APK unlimited coins/lives

Different Mod features

  • Unlimited power boosters
  • 500 Plus task
  • Pets
  • Beautiful characters
  • Best 3D graphics
  • Best interior design
  • Mansion homes
  • The simple gameplay
  • How to play Homescapes Mod APK

Homescapes Mod APK is a 3D puzzle game. You can play this game by swiping elements to make a row and column of at least 3 elements. You can also use the powerups game, activate them by typing toys on them.

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Detailed features of Homescapes Mod APK

This can help you to complete one row or column.
With the help of this, you can clear many surrounding spaces.
U can match four elements in squares to obtain this power.
To obtain this power, u can match four elements in a straight line. one column or row complete.
Rainbow ball
With the help of this, you can completely remove one type of element. To achieve this, match five elements in a straight line to get this power.
In this game, different forms of currency include
Coins stars hearts
Social media
You can save your social media account progress like Facebook and get awards like a coin and more superpower.
By joining Facebook, you can get 1000 coins.
Also, you can share your picture with your friends.
Also, make teams with your social media friend.

Mod features

  1. Unlimited free assignments
  2. Coins unlimited
  3. Stars unlimited

Review by public

BY Renee Garden
This game is pretty cool in terms of being able to design a new home for the characters! The only thing that I wish was different was having to play the candy-crush style game to have to get to New levels. I would rather play Austin’s iPad games, which was actually what I hoped the game would be like.
Rachel Fraley
This game is addicting! Super fun and I enjoy moving through the levels and decorating the house. The only complaint I have is that there really is no other way to make money to buy lives when running out unless you spend actual money. So it will take patience to beat it. I spent three days on level 50, but I finally beat it. Maybe if there were some ads here and there -with a daily limit perhaps- that would allow you to earn money for watching them, it could make it easier to build up some coins. Conveys this player.

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