Black MOD Apk 2023 (VIP Subscription + Unlocked + Latest)

Nowadays every person’s life is very busy because they have many tasks to do. But when there is free time in a daily routine people bored. To get rid of this boredom people play games which are online and offline. Some of the games are paid and some of them are free to available to play. But as we know people love to play paid games because these games have some extra features if compared with free games. Every person cannot purchase these games because they have no money to purchase this game. So they are trying to find a way to play these paid games for free. So today I am sharing a Black Mod APK which gives you paid games for free. This app is completely free to download and install on your device. Basically, it is a store of games that is full of free and Mod games. On this store, you can download every game which is available on the PlayStore. But many of the games are not available on the Play Store because of their violations. So these games are also available on the Black APK Store.

Black Mod APK is the best store to download your favorite games at high speed. The downloading speed of this store is very high because they are using professional servers to provide good speed to their users. So why are you waiting to download it now on your device and get rid of your boredom? If you want to get full information about this store then you can read the complete article which is given below in subheading forms.

What is Black APK?

Black APK is an alternative to the Google Play Store with some extra features. Because in this store you can download every game like paid games, and premium apps, and also with the help of this application you can download blocked games that are not available on the Play Store. You can download this application for free from the internet. The application is required an internet connection to download your games. You can download games according to a category like fighting games shooting games, action games, adventure games, social apps, arcade games, premium apps, and many other categories are available to download from. The interface of this application is very simple and easy to use. Because of its high server speed, people love to install this Store. Because here on this, you can download simple APK and Mod APK. Play Store does have not this facility because it only provides you with free APKs.

What is Black Mod APK?

Mod APK is the modified version of the original Black APK. This modified version provides you unlimited games with no ads experience. In the free version you can play games with low graphics but in the modified version, it converts into a premium version. Due to this, the graphics feature is unlocked. You can choose graphics according to your mobile settings from low to high resolution. This premium feature of the Black APK will enhance your gaming experience and skills. Because of this Mod version you get some extra features like in the free version you can play a little number of games like 10 to 15 in a day. But with the modified version, you can play unlimited games that are available in this store. All the advertisements are removed from the modified version which will help you to improve your gaming skills. Also because of the high resolution, you can play games with good graphics quality. The sound quality of games you play on Black APK will also be good because of its high-quality features.

Unlimited games

On black APK you can play thousands of games for free without paying a single penny. The store is full of apps and games and modified versions because this Store has a team of developers from all around the world. You can play games that are very popular like Pubg, Free fire candy Crush Subway Surfers, and many other games that are available for free.


This is the best feature of this store if you have a Xapk on your device then you can upload it on Black APK and install a directly in the store. The store also will tell you about the app updates. Which is very helpful to get you the latest update of the game which you are playing on your mobile.

Blocked apps

Some games are available on other stores that are location-based. You can play these games when you are in specific regions. But with the help of this store, you can download and play these games on your mobile device in any location.

Different languages

This app is available on the internet for every country. Because of this, it is available in multi-languages. So you can choose languages in the settings according to your choice.

User-friendly interface

The interface of this application is very simple and easy to understand with no advertisements. This will make the application perfect for the user. On the home page of the app, you can search for your favorite games, and also you can select apps and games according to their categories.

Safe Downloading

All the games available on Black Mod APK are safe and easy to download. These apps are manually checked by developers and then these are uploaded to the store. So you can download these apps without any worry about any viruses and malware.


This store gives you games and app recommendations on daily basis. These recommended games are best because they will only recommend you hot games that are played by users in large numbers. You can turn off this feature in the settings if you want.

Search engine

The search engine is given on the homepage of the app. So you can easily find the games you want to play. So this is also the best feature of the store because of this you can find the games which you love most.

No ads

In the free version, you get ads. These ads will disturb you when you are playing games. But in our premium version, all the ads are removed. So that you can play these games easily without any disturbance.

VIP subscription

In Black APK to access all premium features, you need a VIP subscription which will cost you real money. But in the modified version you will get a VIP subscription for a lifetime for free.

Unlocked everything

If you download this store from my website you will get everything unlocked.

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How to download Black MOD Apk?

The downloading process of this application is very simple. If you want to download this application follow the information given below and install it on your device in a few steps.

  1. First of all download this application from my website and if you have any previous version of this application that is downloaded from any other sources delete it.
  2. After doing this click on install and wait for some time to complete the installation of APK.
  3. When the installation is complete a button is shown on the home screen mentioned open. Click on open and enjoy all the free and premium features of Black APK.


In conclusion, I will ask you to use this application once in your life because it is very amazing and the best application with good services. With the help of this amazing app, you can play high-quality PC games on your mobile device. The best thing about this Black mod app is that it will not ask you for permission about your personal data. Many of the stores available on the internet will get your personal data information which is very dangerous for your privacy. So this is the best store that I will recommend to my users with my heart.

General FAQ

General faqs are some questions that are in our mind when we install any application from the internet. So which questions are in my mind about this application I will tell you below. If you have any questions then you will ask us in the comment section we will also publish these questions in our article if they are helpful to our users.

Is black Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, it is safe to get the Mod version of Black APK. Because it has a secure interface.

Does black Mod APK slow the mobile when we install it?

It will not slow your mobile performance. Because Black Mod APK is a lightweight application. So it will not take up too much space on your device. You can install it without any problem.

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