InShot Pro Apk v 2023 (August Latest Version + MOD) Download

You can edit your videos here using the unique and stunning features of InShot Pro APK. This is the most popular video editing application. With the advancement of technology in this era, video editing has reached a new level of sophistication. This is also another step in the direction of the technological revolution. You can also collect different photos to create the best video. The video clips you added to the App should be appropriately transitioned. 

You can edit free videos when you download the Inshot App from the Play Store, but there are many limitations. We offer all the premium features for free. However, if you want to get them without paying even a penny, you can download the Pro APK file from our website. It provides a variety of spectacular and marvelous features that you can add to your video, edit them beyond any limit, and add music you love to it. Apart from this, it comes with many other spectacular and marvelous features.

Name of the application: Inshot Pro Apk
Category: Photos
Provided by: InShot, Inc.
Updated to: 1.872.1386
Updated on: Nov 24, 2022
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
A number of installs: 10000+
Size of the store: 60MB
Cost: (Unlocked Premium)

Features of InShot Pro APK

You will get excellent results with Inshot Mod APK because it offers several impressive features that will help you deduct videos more accurately and effectively. Here are some of its most outstanding features:

AWESOME Graphics

Because every object in the application is created using 3D graphics, the application is more attractive because of the best high-definition graphics.

It sounds that are stunning.

While editing videos, you can select the sound of your choice and add it to the application.

Easy to use and intuitive

This game is straightforward and offers easy-to-understand controls that anyone can understand, even if you are a newbie.

Unlock Premium Features

You can use the premium features of the original shot App for free by downloading the mod APKs. However, the original version charges a hefty amount for even one premium feature.

Quick Steps for Editing Videos

The inshot apk is a straightforward tool to use for editing videos. Adding animations to all clips after adding the sound and then clicking on the export button to save it to your mobile gallery is as easy as selecting the clips or photos you want to make a video with. Once done, click the export button to save it to your mobile gallery.

Choose the video quality

We recommend exporting your videos in HD quality if you want to achieve the best results. You have different options when shipping your videos.

Video Filters You’ll Love

Your videos will be captivated by the fantastic and beautiful video effects that Inshot offers. You can choose the best video effects to enhance your videos and make them stand out from the crowd.

Create stunning effects

With various filters and effects available for your videos, you can bring your video to the next level of editing and get better results.

Editing videos with text

For an informative video or an important message, you can add text for captions to make it more understandable.

Speed control

Using this feature of Inshot, you can adjust your audio and video speed according to your requirements.

MP4 Conversion

You can now easily convert your video clips into MP4 format and run them on any device and system by updating the application.

Video Sharing

Using this application, you may make or edit your videos, then share them with your friends by selecting the share button. You may also like the application and contact you wish to share it with.

Anyone can use it

Using the application, you can edit your videos like a professional video editor on any system. Even a beginner will have no problem understanding all its functions. It is simply a matter of adding video clips or photos and performing various operations on them to get excellent results.


Numerous functions are available in this multifunctional application, such as editing video clips, merging photos, sharing to other apps, and much more.

Editing Modernly

Once you start editing your videos on it, you will be blown away by how much modernity it brings to your videos.

Import photos and videos easily.

Adding video clips and photos to your project is as simple as opening the application, clicking on the video/collage/video option, clicking on the new button, and then choosing the clips you want to insert.

Tools for editing

Using it is easy, simple, and fast because you have the best editing tools at your fingertips.


You can also apply various transitions to make the video more impressive and adorable. Transitions refer to the movement from one clip to the next. So, choose changes that are in perfect harmony with your video effects.

Use animations

You should add animations to your slips to move between clips smoothly.

Settings for video

Besides setting up your video settings, you can also enhance their brightness, hues, saturation, exposure, sharpening, shadows, highlights, temperatures, fades, and vintage effects.

Video Cutting & Compression

Cut and compress the videos according to your needs using the feature.

You can rotate at any angle.

Photo and video clips can be rotated at any angle with this program.

Video creation from photos

In this application, you can add background music to create a video from photos.

Background to be removed

In addition, the application allows you to remove the background from videos and photos.

A wide variety of fonts

Using fonts in your videos is easy because there are many fonts available for you to use. Many unique fonts enhance the look of your video and make it even more stunning.


Using its unique stickers, you can enhance the power and appeal of your videos.

Create a collage

Using this App, a collage can also be made from many photos on your device.


Top Tips For Creating Best Videos in InShot Pro APK

Following these simple and excellent tips will help you edit your videos like a pro:

Cinematic bars can be added.

When editing videos, add black borders around the entire frame to give the video a cinematic look. This will make you feel like a pro editor.

Effects for zooming in and out

If you add zooming effects to your video, you can make it look more impressive and stunning to people. You will be able to show them the best moments in your video that way.

Adding layers

Multilayered videos can be added to create unique effects.

Upload PNGs

You can also use this application to edit videos with your PNG logos. These can also be obtained from Google and added to your videos while they are being edited.

What’s New in InShot MOD APK?

Updated features in this App’s latest version include:

  • Change the voice.
  • Fixes for bugs found in the previous version.
  • Cinematic window screen (2.35:1) added.

Download it for free

Enjoy editing your videos like a pro by downloading this App free from our website.

Regularly updated

The best way to keep our users interested in editing videos is by downloading and using the latest version of our application as soon as possible.

There is no need to root

Because it doesn’t cause any virus to enter your device, you don’t need to root it to play the inshot mod APK application.

Remove Ads

Using Inshot is now a more enjoyable experience since we have removed all the ads that irritate you when using it.


InShot Pro: What Is It?

The application is a paid version. You can use all the premium features of the original version if you purchase the paid version.

Inshot Pro APK Download: How Do I Get It?

From our website, you can download Inshot Pro Mod Apk.

In the settings, you can grant permission to download from unknown sources

Once the download is complete, click the install button.

Install the game on your device by following the instructions.

Once the game is installed, you can play it whenever you want.

Is there a limit to inshot?

If you have the premium edition, you have access to all features and are not limited by anything.

Why Do We Use Inshot?

This application will add animations, effects, transitions, and subtitles to your videos.

Is it possible to overlay in the Inshot application?

This feature lets you easily layer photos or videos one over the other.

What is the most efficient way to put multiple videos on Inshot?

In this fantastic application, you can add multiple videos by selecting various video clips and clicking the add button. Once you have added the clips, you can add transitions. If you want to add stickers and text, click on the export video button after adding them. Your video will then appear in your gallery.

Alternative Photography App:  PREQUEL MOD APK

You should follow the official YouTube channel to learn how to edit inshot pro apk files.

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