MX Player Armv8 Neon Codec (EAC3 SOLUTION)

Video players for Android have never been better than the MX Player armv8 neon codec. Background playback and hardware decoding make this player compatible with many file formats. Almost any media file can be played with the excellent video quality. MX Player offers flexibility that no other media player can match.

Despite this, some limitations exist, such as incompatibilities with AC3, DTS, MLP, and TrueHD. Thanks to the XDA Developers, you can use Custom Codec for MX Player in that case.

Custom Codec can be downloaded according to your device architecture (such as ARM, Tegra, Neon, etc.).

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MX Player armv8 neon codec

FFMPEG is included in the MX Player Codec Pack and many other libraries required to make the player work properly. The MX Player APK you download from Play Store will only contain the necessary libraries for your device. Occasionally, MX Player requires you to install codec packs from the Google Play Store. Custom Codec is an additional codec that modifies FFmpeg, the default codec of MX Player.

The audio tracks are compatible with DTS/Dolby (AC3). In this case, codec packs from the Play Store must be installed if MX Player asks for them. DTS and Dolby (AC3) audio tracks can be played with a custom codec.


Download MX Player Custom Codec

These Custom Codec ZIP files can be downloaded from the links below. The ZIP file should be downloaded according to your device’s architecture.

You can use the file if you are unsure of your device’s architecture. The Codec works on any device and is all-in-one.

Older links may not work with the newer version of MX Player. There may be an error like this:

There is no custom codec available. Use the latest version. Codec version 1.35.0 is recommended!

You can download the current stable version from the following link if this is the case:

  • Installing the MX Player Custom Codec
  1. Open the MX Player app.
  2. In the top right corner, click on the three-dot
  3. These are the settings you will find:
  4. The decoder should be selected. SW Audio, CPU Limit, and Color Format are some settings you’ll see. The General Settings can be found by scrolling down. There is an option for Custom Codecs.
  5. Determine what type of Custom Codec is needed. For ARMv7 Neon, this is a custom codec.
  6. Choose the ZIP file you downloaded from the Custom Codec option.
  7. AIO (All-in-one) pack was what I downloaded in my case.
  8.  You will be asked to tap OK to restart the app once selected.
  9. That’s all you need to do!

The required Codec will be downloaded from the ZIP file if included in the AIO Codec pack. After restarting MX Player, the required Codec will be installed, and you should be able to enjoy DTS audio without any issues. MX Player now supports all audio and video clips.

Custom Codec () Download [Download Link] [Download Link] [Download Link] [Download Link] [Download Link] [Download Link] [Download Link]

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What to do when you update MX Player?

The Custom Codec does not need to be updated if MX Player is updated without affecting the FFmpeg library. There will be no change. MX Player will not load it if it is incompatible.

A newer version of the FFMPEG library will be checked every time MX Player is updated. An error message will appear if the Codec is outdated:

There is an out-of-date custom codec. It should be replaced with the new version.”

In that case, update Custom Codec for MX Player with the latest version. Otherwise, leave the Codec alone.

That’s all there is to it! If you encountered an issue with Custom Codec, please comment below. If you found this post helpful, please share it.

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