Prison Empire Tycoon Mod apk unlimited money and gems

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod apk unlimited money and gems- Prisons are dangerous places when there are many criminals in them. We don’t know much about prison. The goal is to minimize contact with the outside world as much as possible. If you want to see what prison life is like and how things work, try the Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk. With Prison Empire Tycoon mod apk unlimited money and gems, you play as the prison boss in a tycoon-style game. However, the prison empire tycoon’s experience will be very different.
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Prison Empire Tycoon Mod apk

Map and story

Your reputation grew when you ran a small low-security prison. Second, you must ensure that your prison has high security to control the most dangerous inmates. You can then grow your business without internal conflicts by meeting the needs of your facilities. It lets you expand prison cells, adjust the administration, and provide safety equipment. You can also inflate the cell. Your prison will be affected by every choice. Use your ideas effectively. You can also make your living at University Empire Tycoon and Idol Barber Shop Tycoon. Invest more and produce more.

To make money, upgrade to Jail Empire Tycoon

Like Prison Empire Tycoon, it recreates a piece of reality. In this game, you have to run a small prison with no security and lots of holes in the walls. If you want to increase the comfort of your prison, you can upgrade the prison. With limited supplies, the Jail Empire Tycoon may not be the most popular. There are many such places, but they are not well built. The interesting thing about Jail Empire Tycoon is that the quality of service improves when you upgrade this space. You can also earn a lot from prison by investing in various reforms. As a result of this upgrade, you will earn more money and have more fun.


  • Prison inmates will now be able to take care of their basic needs thanks to the prison empire tycoon. In order to prevent riots, it is imperative to manage the prisoner’s personal quality indicators. Build a basketball court, buy several bookshelves, or increase their comfort by enlarging their cells.
  • Managing your staff is another feature of the Jail Empire Tycoon. Work effectively in your prison. Depending on the workflow and development strategy, you may hire or dismiss workers.
  • As well as investing in your own facilities, you can also improve your business. Having a skilled manager is crucial to the development of the prison empire tycoon. The increase in the staff of the department will improve the working conditions.
  • By overcoming riots and fighting, you can maintain your prison reputation and stay safe. Keep your inmates happy and your bodyguards safe by running your prison well.

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