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Torque Pro Review:

Mobile apps have radically changed our lifestyles. Almost every smartphone comes with apps for social media, lifestyle, games, news, and utility purposes. By knowing various details about your car/vehicle, you can keep an eye on it. There are several car parameters that you can get, such as fuel economy, mileage, graph data, engine RPM, and engine condition. Torque Pro APK (OBD2 and Car) app. You can get it on Google Play Store for Rs. 510. Torque Pro APK version with all paid features is available for free via Pointapks.

Most of you have a car or other vehicle that you use daily. However, you will not realize how physically fit it is. As a result, unbearable losses interfere with your daily activities. To keep track of your car’s current condition, you should have such a tool. Having a dashboard of your car is very helpful in this regard. However, there may be only a few parameters that you can see. When this happens, the tool provides you with all the data you need.

Additionally, you must have OBD2 in your car before using this software. Please note that OBD2 stands for Onboard Assessment. It stands for Onboard Diagnostics-2, a diagnostic system built into every modern vehicle. It monitors the car’s engine and other sensitive parts and immediately notifies you of a problem via the dashboard. With the OBD adapter, you get access to your vehicle’s system information. On your phone, you get all the information about the health and fitness of your car. 

Features of Torque Pro APK:

All parameters of your car are monitored by Torque Pro regardless of its technical features. The only thing you need is this application and the information it needs. Everything else is automatic.

  • In order to work properly, this tool requires Bluetooth, Location, Storage, Network, and Phone App permissions.
  • Get free information about the current condition of your car on your phone.
  • Fix all problems as soon as they arise.
  • Keep an eye on the vehicle’s temperature and speed.
  • This app includes an electronic compass as well as a dynamometer, horsepower monitor, and CO2 emission information.
  • A voice alert will announce warnings.
  • The app also includes a track recorder.
  • Additionally, you can create a custom profile & dashboard whenever you want.
  • MAP & MAF sensors, GPS speedometer, and Heads-Up Display (HUD) are also improved.
  • Share your findings on social media.
  • A trusted app published by Ian Hawkins and its premium version is used by more than one million people.
  • It can be used with any vehicle equipped with OBD2.
  • A free Android app with premium features, Torque Pro APK is a worthwhile choice.
  • As safe as its original version, it is a viable alternative.
  • This app also offers many additional features.

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Torque Pro & Torque Lite versions of this app are both available. This tool is available in both paid and free versions. If you want to use Torque Pro APK for free but with the same features as the premium version, it’s the most suitable alternative. Download it now. Detects all threats & damages to your vehicle and lets you know immediately.

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