Anime Star Apk 2022 (Watch High Quality Anime) Download

When you need something different, Anime Star is the most suitable entertainment app for Android. If you want to stay up to date, as well as be interested in the latest anime news to share with your friends, Amine Star is a great resource for you. There are several options for you to pick from. It will then automatically show you content based on your chosen categories of interest.

Anime Star

Anime lovers are always on the lookout for the best anime star to watch their favorite show in HD and discover new anime. Its database of shows is much larger than most other streaming services due to its more than 50 million users. Fans can watch anime, download their favorite titles, read exclusive news, and converse with other anime fans at Anime Star. Come watch that anime you’ve been waiting for. The best anime no matter how old or new can be found here.

Amazing Features of Anime Star Mod Apk


There are multiple quality options available for all animations. Check out each one.

Fast streaming

Multiple servers and video quality options for quick streaming.

Your favorite anime shows

Create your own anime station, improve your anime list, save your favorite anime, follow and receive notifications for every episode
The beautiful and clean interface combined with less radical advertising allows for a pleasant and transparent experience.

Dubbed English version available.

If you are looking for that one elusive anime that wasn’t subtitled in your language, Anime Star is the place to go. A dubbed version may introduce you to a new classic-then you can check out the manga or light novel it is based on!

Integration with social media

With our social media integration, you can also see what your friends are watching and take part in the conversation.


  1. All your favorite shows are available to stream.
  2. View all episodes.
  3. Automatically watch your favorites.
  4. Watching lists that auto-watch.
  5. Stunning design.
  6. Displays your related shows.
  7. Provides an overview of what you are watching.
  8. Support for floating videos.
  9. Sync your data across all devices.
  10. Easy-to-use interface.
  11. News updates.
  12. Simple and fast.
  13. Sources unlimited.
  14. Simple to use.

How to use the Anime Star App?

Watch your favorite shows, read up on recent anime news, and even collect anime through Anime Star. You’ll learn how to get the most out of the app through this review!

    • Anime Star requires a sign-up before you can access the content. To become a member, simply click the link below. The process is simple and free-just fill out a few fields to get started.
    • Find your favorite anime! Your feed page will appear once you’re signed in. Everything your followers share is now visible to you. You can leave a comment or like anything you like! To add an item to your list, just search for it.
    • Enjoy your shows! The time has come to enjoy your new shoes now that you have what you want. Any type of show can be viewed on Anime Star in a variety of ways. The app for devices such as phones and tablets can either stream the videos online or be accessed via the website.


Watch anime or reminisce about all things anime at Anime Star, the premier destination for anime fans. Find all the best anime from old and new around the world here. Also, check this BASEBALL 9 MOD APK.

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