School Days Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Health) Download

School Days MOD APKThis is a free high school simulation game from Mdickie. This is an open-ended game where you can do anything you want. For example, you can participate in school activities, social activities, or pretend to be a crush on a student.

The process of gaining experience in this game takes a long time. That is what makes it so appealing. However, its graphic design isn’t particularly impressive. Thus, its concept and story make this game appealing to users.

Have you ever wondered what this funny game is all about? Read our review to find out!

Gameplay School Days

There are arrows left, right, up, and down on your screen. In order to play School Days, you will have to manipulate virtual keys on the right side of the screen, including:

  • A. Attack those nearby as soon as possible.
  • G. Engage the opponent in combat. You can also throw something on your hand or create a hug using this button. G + Direction can also be used together to grapple an opponent.
  • R. Run. I don’t think I need to explain further. The attack is performed by combining R + A.
  • P. Grab the closest object you can see in front of you. Then press R+P.
  • T. Working with someone or interacting with an object. This virtual key is used when chatting with another person.

To cut the time of a conversation, you can touch the conversation to skip it.

MOD Features

  • Editor Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Everything Unlimited

School Days Mod Apk Conclusion

Overall, the School Days game is very entertaining. Virtually everything that happens in high school was simulated in this game. This is a fun game, but it is challenging. A successful student does not fight in front of a teacher. Is this your experience in real life?

Regarding sound effects, we will give this game a score of 8/10. In terms of graphic design, it is only 5/10. The graphics are outdated and of low quality. The character in the game has 2000s-style hair, clothes, and uniform.

Remember that this game is rated 17+. Because of this, you will need to fight a lot in this game; you will also need to kiss a lot. You should not play this game in front of your child, and you should not show it to them.

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