Mx player Mod Apk No Ads Latest Version (Unlocked, Pro) 2022

Mx player Mod Apk No Ads

Mx player Mod Apk No Ads– An advanced video player that supports subtitles and hardware acceleration. By using MX File Transfer HARDWARE ACCELERATION, you can share files, music, applications, and more in just a few clicks with the help of the new HW + decoder. Multi-core decoding is the first feature of DECODING MX Player. Multi-core devices outperform single-core devices by up to 70%. There is also the option of zooming and panning. Text can be accessed by scrolling forward and backward, moving up and down, and changing the font size by zooming in and out. No mobile data is needed for file transfer. Instantly share files and applications, music, videos, and photos.

Mx player Mod Apk

Name MX Player Pro
Maker J2 Interactive
Online Version 1.51.7
Pro Version 1.51.11
Last updated Nov 05, 2022
No Downloads 500k+
Size 30 MB
Extras Features All Premium features are Unlocked

Mx player Mod Apk FEATURES (No Ads)

A lightweight app with only core features is designed for this purpose. Therefore, there may not be online video available at the current time for features restricted by region.

By implementing the new HW+ decoder, even more, videos can benefit from hardware acceleration.
A new Android video player app, MX Player, features multi-core decoding. According to a test conducted by the company, a dual-core device outperforms single-core devices by more than 70 percent.
The zoom, pan, and pinch gestures on the screen enable you to move in and out easily. There is also the option of zooming and panning.
You can move up and down by using the subtitle gestures. You can zoom in and out to change the size of the text.
You don’t have to worry about your child accessing other apps or making calls using Kid’s Lock. Keep your children entertained without worrying about them with Kids Lock. (plugin needed)

Mod Features

  1. No advertisements
  2. Features unlocked for all Pros
  3. Removed unnecessary code
  4. Lightweight

How To Download MX Player Pro

MX Player can be downloaded from many sites. Go to Google and search MX Player APK. Several websites will appear when you search.

Here is where you will find the download link for the MX player, but there is also a fake link that will take you to a different site.

In this post, I’ll explain how you can download MX Player. Open the Play Store app and search there.

In front of you, you’ll see the MX player first. Download and install MX Player. Clicking on the install button will allow you to download it. Download the pro version of MX Player to get ads free experience and watch your favourite videos.


Is this app free to download?
You will need to pay PKR 610 once to get all the features of this app.
Q. Is this app for android users?
Google Play Store users can purchase this app for a reasonable price.
Q. Does it have subtitles?
It does, of course. Nearly all languages are available in their subtitles.
Q. Does it play videos online or offline?
It’s an offline player that’s also an online multimedia player that lets you watch videos from the cloud or from anywhere on the internet by pasting the URL of the video.

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