YouTube Red Blue Apk 2022 (Working Mod) Updated

YouTube Red Apk

The stock YouTube app has some drawbacks, for example, when videos stop playing when you minimize the app, etc. If you are tired of watching ads on it or bothered when videos stop playing when you minimize the app, I have a solution for you. Here is the YouTube RED APK for Android that offers play-in minimize, Picture in Picture, and a few other features.

As well as being able to watch videos on YouTube, YouTube RED doubles as a music player allowing you to listen to it while your phone is not on.
Are you interested? In the following section, we’ll examine some of the key features of YouTube RED. Vidmate APK is a third-party app that is used how to download videos from YouTube and other many famous social media platforms. This app is very helpful if you use it as a downloader.

youtube blue red

File Version 13.46.52
Downloads 1 M
Game Size 63 MB
Requirement 4.2 +
Update 21 July 2021
Price Free of Cost

YouTube Red features

Videos to watch

It doesn’t matter if you want to study, entertain yourself, watch a movie, or get the latest news. Video conferencing allows you to stay in touch with people around the world.

Stream live

YouTube Red also allows you to join the live stream videos to check out the live updates about an incident.

The creators

Many of them might be extraordinary, and you will meet hundreds of content creators around the world. Just in case you’d like to stay connected to them at all times, you can subscribe to their channel.


YouTube Reddue is loved for its income generation feature, making it one of the most amazing applications.

You can upload your creativity in the form of videos to your channel if you think you have the talent others might adore. You may be able to start an online business if you get enough audience. Tivimate Premium Apk is an app where you can watch TV channels in free.

Analyze the video

A video’s success rate can be checked in many ways on YouTube by you or any other creator. There will be a button for similarities and disliking. The creator can benefit from your likes if you like the video.

It is also possible to dislike videos that are cringe, and you don’t want to see them anymore.

Feel free to share

Since YouTube Red has been updated, sharing videos has been difficult. All social media accounts allow you to share videos you like on YouTube Red.

It is as simple as clicking the share icon to generate a dialogue box that allows you to share the video via direct social media or copy the link directly.


You can save any video you like for later viewing. Direct downloads of those videos are also available. To download, click the download button. By clicking this, you will start the download.

One thing to be aware of is that downloaded videos won’t be saved to your phone’s gallery. You will only be able to save the videos to YouTube.

Videos of Full Length

It is possible to watch entire movies on this application, so it is unnecessary to subscribe to Netflix.


Google account on your phone will be needed to run YouTube Red Apk. The only information required is an email address and a password. In addition, no other personal information will be collected once you sign.

Watch Later

You can also add any video into the watch later list using YouTube Red. The video will be added to your watch later list once you click on the watch later icon. However, keep in mind that viewing videos later on this feature requires an internet connection.


It works on the algorithm. Video suggestions will only be based on your interests. Your favorite content will be kept in mind so videos in the future will have better quality.

Black theme

In an easy-to-use interface, the users already had a lot of control over the system. A new theme has been added with the latest update, which is the black theme.

Snooze Time
From the application settings, you can set an alarm that alerts you if you exceed the YouTube usage time you set.

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