Tower defense- Defense Legend Apk (Unlimited Money) 2.2 Download

The world is in a hazardous situation. Dark forces are invading the world conspiracy. It’s time to train them on military strategies and tactics to become the military commander and stop the plot. You assert that the legendary commander of the Defense legends.

Tower defense- Defense Legend Apk

The classic game Defense Legend has wonderful graphics that create a new world for you to explore.
The key to any successful defense in defense legend is picking the right weapons and the right location.

The location of your defense systems should be carefully considered.
Plan carefully the strategy to be used against your opponents.
Always keep your defense system up to date.

Players must develop a defense strategy that keeps the citadel reasonable and enhances the tower’s strength to keep the citadel successfully. The number of towers should be taken into account by players. To build it strong, you’ll need a sufficient number of towers. Defense legend is a new tower defense experience that we hope will bring you new value. In a tower defense game, each player has their own tactics. Tower defense offers players an interesting experience.

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The main features:

Upgrade 4 times, plus 7 defensive weapons.
The following 22 maps have been added.
Plus 16 tanks.
Plus, you’ll never get bored because your map will always be changing.

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