Event Horizon Space shooting galaxy games Attack v2.7.1 Hack Mod Apk

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The galaxy is under attack! You must defend your space base from alien leagues and cosmic invaders when you play Event Horizon. In this galaxy shooter arcade game, you build starships, shoot at armadas, and build starships. It’s a free-space action game with a battle against an extreme boss in Galaxy Attack.


Shooter of the year for 2021! The space shooting game is an arcade galaxy shooter game space combat and perfect shoot ’em up with extreme missions, the strongest weapons, and bosses to take on. Star shooter and action shooter let you take down bosses. Those who enjoy arcade shooting games will love our infinity shooter with extreme bosses and cosmic settlers.


The arcade game Event Horizon features epic battles, extreme bosses, and arcade shooters. War has engulfed the galaxy as it catches fire! It features action space battles, PvP battles against galaxy competitors, and clash combat between aliens. Build your own starcraft and fight against armadas of cosmic invaders. A free offline PvP battle attack app awaits you in the Galaxy Attack battle in space.

Alternative Action Game: GTA: Chinatown Wars Mod Apk


There is an attack on the Galaxy! Action game epic is now available! With the spaceship game Stellaris, you will battle galaxy team battles and missions like space armada. We have an epic strategy combat game with an extreme boss for you! Clash fights of space battles on fire set your space base against alien enemies as you make alliances with alien leagues in original action shooter offline games.

A multiplayer PvP game with a strategic approach to gameplay, Event Horizon is an offline game. You are being watched! A galaxy shooter game with space combat is the best game of 2021! We all love Eve echoes, so let’s engage in epic Starfleet battles and watch as a lone spaceship dodges enemy bullets in this game.

Create a STARSHIP and a space arena to your taste

You can build spaceships with Event Horizon like you would with MergeCrafter. Play this galaxy game, and you will be able to build starships and evolve your spaceships like in games like Stellaris or Hades Star. Furthermore, you can upgrade your starbases and space arenas at any time.

Shoot your spaceships on Mars horizon. Create your own spaceship in the industry of our spaceship games and feel as if you are a spaceship builder. Win the galaxy wars by building the best fighter ship in this galaxy game. This is also a good app for those who enjoy Simulator apps like PocketBuild and Sandship as well a.s exciting adventures like Astrocraft. Whether you prefer space shooter ships or spaceflight simulators, you’ll enjoy spaceship games.


💥 In this arcade galaxy shooter game space combat and original action shooter game, you will fight the best Galaxy Attack battle of all the space games. Epic strategy and PvP combat game for offline use

💥 The Stellaris is attacked by an alien shooter. Astronomical invaders are attacking the galaxy! We’ve got a star shooter where you can take down bosses. Space battles in this shooter game with infinity. Combat armadas on fire as you take part in an epic battle on spaceships. Eve’s echoes, can you hear them?

💥 A fighter ship fights on a battlefield like in Hade’s star. The Mars horizon is home to a striker boss action shooter. In this multiplayer PvP space armada and epic combat strategy game, spaceships dodge enemy bullets and alien invaders as they dodge enemy bullets.

💥 Strategic alien shooter with PvP battles against alien leagues. Shooting games in space all the time! We provide you with the best space action games of free space games genre offline games of the biggest Starfleet armada ever. A galactic team battle with cosmic settlers and bosses in Terragenesis

💥 A spaceship builder – Build starships, construct spaceships and customize fighter ships.

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