My Oasis Mod Apk v2.46.2 (Unlimited Money, Removed Ads) Download

My Oasis – Calming and Relaxing (MOD, Unlimited Money)

My Oasis Mod Apk is the latest version with all the premium features (Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Unlocked) brought to you by point Apks.My Oasis  – Tap Sky Island – arcade clicker on musical subjects.

My Oasis mod apk

App Name My Oasis
Size 90 MB
Latest Version 2.46.2
Operating System Android 4.1 and Above
Maker Buff Studio Co., Ltd.
Last Update Date Oct 16, 2021

In it, the player will create and will develop the island through music. Time by clicking on the screen, the user will gain hearts, which can be spent on the improvement of Paradise. You can change terrain, add new items and creatures, and change the time of day and climate. Interacting with different objects, the gamer will receive valuable prizes and 250 exciting levels, resulting in the creation of an incredible scenic oasis.

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What is in My Oasis Mod Apk?
This game is designed to provide android users with a carefree way to entertain themselves. Gamers can make their gaming experience more enjoyable if they gain the advantage. There is a never-ending supply of cons for gamer. It means that the gamer does not have to worry about pricing aspects when buying from the store. In the early stages of the game, the gamer will have access to the most advanced equipment that will help him defeat even the strongest opponents. Hence, the gamer can put his best foot forward.

My Oasis Mod Apk Game Features:

This healing game aids in anxiety relief, relaxation, and mind-calming. It’s a relaxing game with easy gameplay. Clicking and tapping are the only controls in this game.
Sleep peacefully and exercise your brain in a realistic way
This anti-anxiety satisfying game provides different mind-freshening activities
– Relaxing sounds that leave your mind relaxed and anti-stressed
With this Stress relief game, you can release stress in seconds
– Smooth controls to help you relax when playing this meditation game.
You will be able to remove your stress and calm your mind with the help of calming sounds and music.

The game’s purpose in creating stress relief and how it works?
With the help of hearts, players will collect all the animals in the oasis, including fox, deer, elephant, giraffe, penguin, and whale.

Relax with calming sounds and music in My Oasis: Anti-Anxiety Relaxing Games

Designed for Relaxation, this simple tapper game helps to calm your mind quickly. You can develop your own island by interacting with the environment when in a relaxed and calming atmosphere. The game works as an anti-anxiety game, relaxing game, satisfying game, or calm game.

Island Builder
The main feature of this calm game is the Island Builder, which helps you forget all your worries.
There will be more trees, flowers, and animals on the island as the island expands.
The virtual zen garden that you build through Island Builder is your island
Create your island in the Island Builder and adjust it with musical chords

Game of Tapping (Tapping helps you relax)
A simple tapping game that helps you relieve stress
This simple tapping game allows you to upgrade your oasis and calm yourself by tapping the screen
Clicker games or tapping games allow you to tap the screen to do everything
As you play, you don’t need to do anything except tap the screen

Game of Relaxation (Chilling and Anxiety Reducing Game)
This anxiety relief game relaxes you through its calming sounds and calm interface
By playing this game, you can let your stress fade away and calm your mind
After a long day of stress, listen to relaxing music to calm your mind
A calming visual experience intended to calm your mind, relax your body and find peace
After relaxing with satisfying games, you will sleep more peacefully

Calming Sounds
This relaxation game helps you enter a world of peace with relaxing sounds
This relaxing game allows you to interact with the environment as you play relaxing melodies
Calming music chords can control the wind and the weather
To relieve stress, relax the mind, soothe the soul, and help you sleep

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