Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD Apk v52.52.122 (Unlimited Money, Gold)

Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Become the ultimate sports and action hero in Robot Fighting. Use your favorite heroes’ legendary parts in one-on-one combat with special moves, jabs, punches, and the bold new commando Atom Prime.

Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD

Game Name Real Steel Boxing Champions
Package games.champions
Maker Reliance Big Entertainment
Latest Version 52.52.122
File Size 428M
Requirement Android 4.4 + Above
MOD Info Unlimited Money

This epic sequel pits 1000s of unique robots against each other in boxing matches. Be the Undoubted Champion of the New Real Steel Era by defeating the Legends of the New Real Steel Era and a brand new mysterious super boss!

Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD Apk

The story

Real Steel Boxing Champions introduces players to the series’ epic fighting game, in which traditional sports have been replaced by robot boxing, set in a fictional future world. Afterward, you can feel free to let your robot fight in epic matches until they are unable to.

Begin your journey with a “naked” robot; it is nothing but a metal frame. Put it on your robot to upgrade its stats, or at least cover it with metal. Defeat your enemies and collect the epic loot provided by the game so that you may take your robot on epic battles.

Throughout the game, gamers will challenge 10 different robot champions across multiple arenas in ten different places. To become king of the ring, you’ll need to work hard against thousands of robots with different powers and abilities. Not to mention the nasty bosses at the end. Don’t let yourself get beaten down by being unprepared. It wouldn’t hurt to fight your corner.

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Features of Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD

In Real Steel Boxing Champions, you can play multiple game modes. For the finale, you have the option of fighting five bosses from a pool of 25. There is also PvP, campaign, multiplayer, and more. Real Steel Boxing Champions offers some game modes to suit your mood.

Graphics are impressive – The game has stunning 3D graphics. With its unique robot designs and thrilling action scenes, you will not be bored. There are a lot of blows, but everything has that techy smell. You’ll be inspired by dystopian robot fighting when you play this game.

Controls are easy to learn as well in Real Steel Boxing Champions. On the left, some buttons will let you freely move your robot. On the right are all the attack buttons. Additionally, the buttons can be used for combos.

Take advantage of 1500+ colossal robot parts from 32 Exclusive Robots to create your own unique identity. Become the King Maker of Real Steel Champions by customizing your robots and creating an Intro and Name that match your style! Stunning Heads, massive Torses, and powerful Hands & Legs are available.

Your winning strategy is to select heavy & special attacks, upgrade your attack, scream critical hits, and finish your opponents.

Experience the thrill of championship matches with Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy, Midas & Metro.

25 fights in the tournament, including five Indomitable Bosses
Through 30 Mighty Challenges
Take advantage of 120 Time Attack fights to dominate opponents in record time.
With Unlimited Free Sparring, you can hone your skills

Playing and downloading this game is completely free. The game itself, however, allows users to purchase some power-ups for real money. Store settings let you limit in-app purchases.

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