Prey Day MOD APK v15.3.05 (Freeze Enemy, Immortality)

Prey Day MOD APK (Freeze Enemy, Immortality)

It is a new multiplayer game of zombie survival on Android called Prey Day: Survive Mod Apk. As a survivor in the plagued city, you are surrounded by mutants, zombies, and other survivors. You must ensure your own life by fighting.

Prey Day MOD APK

Name Prey Day: Survive
Maker Pragmatix
Genre Action, Adventure
File Size 700MB
Last Version Latest
MOD Features Immortality/Freeze Enemy

Combining shooting with strategy, the game is exciting. Every survivor has a single goal: To survive in a zombie-infested world.
There’s nothing left of the beautiful and bustling city where you live. A post-apocalyptic age has begun. Mutants and zombies wander around, searching for survivors to suck blood from.

Use a smart military strategy when playing Prey Day: Survive for Android. Secure your own life at all costs by joining the Clan with your allies.


The first thing you will encounter in the game is the post-apocalyptic cities. The incident will occur in the future. Twenty-three years from now. Humanity will be gone from the earth. The people have turned into zombies due to a recent outbreak.

In the game, you will be one of the survivors. Fantastic survival gameplay is on the way. Game features must be used to survive.

The challenge lies in surviving. Wandering through the streets is the best way to begin the game. You have to follow the zombie’s movements.
In order to begin, food supplies must be collected. To defend yourself, you need to build forts. Finding other survivors is also important. They’ll help you. You can go exploring with them. In order to escape the city or defeat the zombies, you have to find a way out.

Main features Prey Day MOD APK

  • Watch out for other survivors
  • Become a clan member
  • Making crafts
  • Find new spots to explore
  • Participate in multiplayer games
  • Enemies come in many forms

Features Prey Day MOD APK

A city ravaged by a wave of infection is the setting for the open-world shooting game Prey Day. It is up to you to survive alongside other humans. It’s possible to communicate with every player you encounter, join a group, or attack them to steal their loot. Games that take place in an open world do not have rules!

Together, you’ll have access to powerful clans, where you can learn to craft new items and unlock specialized weapons to help you in your fight against the undead. With the help of your clan, you can occupy abandoned military bunkers, build clan bases, and start combat on the streets.

The Craft
You can use craft skills to build your own shelter and use traps to protect it against other players – that way you can protect your life!

Apocalypse: why did it happen? Explore Harbortown and complete quests in this zombie game. A good zombie game should have a mysterious, rich storyline, and Prey Day is no different. Adventures await you, with the city subway, mountains, and national parks just outside the city, and a wasteland where you will fight your way through zombie hordes.

Zombie survival games like Prey Day allow players to learn how to survive by running, shooting, defending, teaming up, and targeting real humans fighting for survival. As you fight for survival while playing shooting games, you will try your hardest not to die. Featuring co-op and PVP modes, you can coordinate with friends and do battle with them – a traditional online multiplayer game tradition!

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