Bulu Monster MOD APK v9.3.0 Download (Unlimited Bulu Points)

Bulu Monster MOD APK (Unlimited Bulu Points)

Sigma Game Limited is best known for developing Bulu Monster Apk Mod. In mid-2013, a version for Android was released. Despite hitting its 7th year of existence, the developer continues to release content updates as a way to keep the game fresh. More than 5 million times have been installed on Google Play, with hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews.

Bulu Monster MOD APK

Package com.sigmagame.imonster
Maker Sigma Game
Latest Version 9.1.4
File Size 80MB
Requirement Android 4.4 + Above
MOD Info Unlimited Bulu Point

Sigma Game’s exciting new app is centered around monsters. A user of Bulu Monster can train monsters on Bulu Island. In Bulu Monster, a user is fully in control of each monster’s behavior, which is what sets this app apart from the rest of the monster games available. You must find, capture, fight, and train all 150 monsters in this role-playing game. The game provides the user with the opportunity to play with friends and challenge other players online to compete with their friends.

This 18-month-old app is yet another example of Sigma Game’s commitment to quality, ensuring that users will be satisfied with the app. This high-energy, exciting game is enhanced by a high level of animation, an adventurous storyline, and the ability to play online with friends and other players.

In Bulu Monster, players undergo an adventure unlike any other. Bulu Monster not only enables the user to capture monsters but also trains them, and this is what sets it apart from other games. Bulu Monster can be played online and offline. It is more versatile than most games, as it can be played without Internet access.

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Animated, colorful monsters populate Bulu Monster. It has been designed so that every player will enjoy the aesthetics of the monsters, which come in many shapes and sizes.
There will be no end to this game’s fun and engagement, thanks to its colorful monsters. Other features include:
As one of the quests, the user can rescue his monster friend Rania
Explore 14 fantasy maps
Over 50 trainers of NPC monsters are available
Train your team to be monsters
In addition, Bulu Island includes a friend code system that allows players to invite their friends to play the game and increases competition and fun.
Get over 150 monsters to collect.

Earn rewards by completing tasks

New tasks are added to your journey every day; as you turn each new page, new ones open up. As you complete the puzzle, you’ll earn Bulu Points, Exp, or even some rare monsters.

Quizzes and quests are also provided by NPCs. Depending on how you interact with them, you can learn more about how to find treasures.

Let’s go to the store

Special items are sold in the store, such as monsters, potions, and Kit Sets. Kit Sets come in different types. Items such as the Capture Ball and experience are contained inside and are sold for Bulu Points.

While in battle, this potion increases strength, increases HP, or heals injuries. Besides, a drug makes it easier to catch your enemy’s monsters, as it weakens their defenses.

Stores are the only place to find rare monsters. Bulu Points range from 800 to 1000 per monster. The default rating is 5, and the range of star ratings is 1-3.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”Is Bulu Monster MOD APK safe to install?” answer-0=”Yes, Bulu Monster is completely safe to install.” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”In Bulu Monster MOD APK can we get unlimited money?” answer-1=”Yes you can get everything unlimited in the modified version.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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