Bed Wars Mod Apk 2023 v (Unlimited Gcubes Download)

Bed Wars Mod Apk v (Unlimited Gcubes Download)

An action game similar to Minecraft, Bed Wars Apk Mod revolves around the battle of beds. Defeat your enemy’s bed and protect your own.

Bed Wars combines Blockman Go gameplay with team-based PVP. As a player, you defend your bed and destroy your enemy’s bed with all your resources. Bed Wars has similar gameplay to Egg Wars. It’s better to protect your bed than your eggs.

Blockman GO’s Bed War is a team-based PVP game in which players defend their beds and use their resources to destroy their opponents.
This game has the following rules.

Bed Wars – There will be 4 teams of 16 players. Four islands will give birth to them. It is equipped with a bed and a base. Merchants on the island will exchange gold, iron, and diamonds for equipment from the island’s production. Collect more resources at the center island using the equipment and blocks you have in hand.

Bed Wars Mod Apk

  •  Version:
  •  Category: Action
  •  Size: 140 Mb
  •  Update: Nov 19, 2022
  •  Get it from Play Store

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Bed Wars Key features

Players will be rewarded with chests as rewards for victories. Keys and achievement points can be used to open chests and receive rewards.
Charms: One thing that boosts a character’s strength is amulets. They can be unlocked through different levels. After that, you can use them to boost their stats in unlocked slots.
Various weapons and costumes can be found in Bed Wars store. You can go to the store to buy them and change the appearance and strength of the character. In addition, there are other perks you can purchase at the Gcubes store.

A place where resources can be produced is an iron factory. Forges will be suspended when the resources appear. The resources can be obtained by entering the forge.
The Bed Wars leaderboard is available in each player’s section. Wins in the game allow players to progress in rank. Your achievements will be rewarded according to the ranking season.

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