Survival Island 2 Mod Apk v1.4.27 (Unlimited Money)

A fun and addicting offline survival simulation game called Survival Island 2 MOD Apk.

It was not easy to survive in the ocean full of sharks on a raft. Although you survived, your adventures are not over. After the storm, the waves nailed your raft to a wild island in the ocean. There are others here with you… This island is home to wild dinosaurs. Continue on your journey! The battle for survival has begun!

Survival Island 2 Mod Apk

👾 We’ve added Pixel Mode!
Defend your island from the pixel monsters! Are you interested in taming a pixelated dinosaur? Let’s move forward! If you are a fan of pixel games, you will definitely enjoy this new mod. Is it so hard to wait any longer? You are about to enter the pixel world!

⛏ Caves of the dinosaurs
It’s possible to find a dinosaur cave and collect rare resources. Take a trip to an island cave. There are dinosaurs lurking in the caves of the islands as well as rare resources. Find out how dinosaurs have evolved! Build a home on the island, and collect rare resources and craft tools! Survive as best you can!

🌴A new 3D graphic is great

3D graphics are now available in high resolution. The sense of survival has never been stronger. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to suddenly come across an island covered in giant jungles and ancient animals. Now you can play the best survival simulator with 3D graphics!

🏹 New weapons and vital resources
Desert island or apocalypse… It’s just a matter of surviving. Weapons include an axe, a bow, and arrows. They will assist you in finding food and protecting yourself from harm. Survive by crafting weapons! Discover how to survive in the wilderness! Take your skills to the next level by hunting dinosaurs!

🦖 Dinosaur types

In the island’s collection there are dinosaurs as well as wild animals. You are best friends with your dodo! Kentrosaurus will not be able to harm you! Tamed Pterodactyls await you! Nasutoceratops will be yours if you collect all the eggs! Tamed or hunted! Tell us we are looking forward to seeing you!

🔨 Combat, crafting, and building skills improved
Games of survival…this isn’t as easy as it seems. Regardless of how the day ends, be brave. The game allows you to construct more advanced facilities by crafting more advanced resources. This game is perfect for anyone who enjoys survival crafts! As a true survivor, you should take every opportunity to explore new lands.

🦕 The evolutionary process continues
Dinosaurs were discovered as you played. This island is populated by realistic wild animals eager to kill the uninvited guests – try to survive! Dino taming or dino hunting: what interests you more? Play dinosaur-taming games or hunt dinosaurs! A great survival game is here!

If you enjoy survival games, you will love this game! A survival island where you can build, craft, and hunt. It’s a real dinosaur and an animal! Get ready to hunt dinosaurs! Right now, you can play this new offline survival simulator game! How long do you plan to wait? You’re about to discover a deadly island!

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Survival Island 2 Mod

Survival Island 2 Mod Apk

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