Diamond Quest Mod Apk 2.90 Unlimited Money, Health, Unlocked

Don’t rush in Diamond Quest Mod Apk! In your quest for knowledge, you journey into Angkor Wat’s jungles, the dungeons of Bavaria Castle, and the glacial caves of Tibet. As you progress through the game, you need to collect gems in order to exit the room.
It will take you cutting through leaves and breaking cobwebs to find the jewels in your adventure. Boulders balance on precarious ledges and tumble down, smashing everything slow enough to move, including you. After defeating a boss monster on each map, you’ll escape to the next.

Diamond Quest Mod Apk
The following Diamond Quest Mod Apk features are included:
😍 Beautiful HD graphics and beautiful sound tracks.
😆 The gameplay is extremely challenging with tons of different obstacles to stay clear of: snakes, turtles, bombs, monkeys …
😲 Respawn yourself at the most recent checkpoint at any time.
😱 It is impossible to defeat the big boss because he is so big. Don’t take your life for granted.
😘 Using mystic tools is essential to unpicking weak walls, dragging things with mystic hooks, and freezing things with mystic hammers.
😖 With over 100 puzzles to solve, Challenge Puzzle challenges your brain.

❗It’s okay to take your time! Otherwise, you will fall into a trap❗

Diamond Quest

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