Exiled Kingdoms Mod Apk RPG v1.3.1207 (Unlocked + Unlimited Money)

With over 1 million downloads worldwide, 4 Dimension Games has developed Exiled Kingdoms mod apk, a Fantasy Role-Playing Game. In the most recent version of Exiled Kingdoms mod apk, you can explore a distinctive world freely. To understand the game better, let’s take a closer look at it. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to download this game. You can also download Bomber Friends mod apk with Skins Unlocked

Exiled of Kingdoms mod apk

Exiled Kingdoms mod apk

It’s an action role-playing and isometric game with a great story and gameplay. Kill monsters and antagonists to save your kingdom, use powerful weapons to defeat your enemies, and restore peace to your kingdom.

A century ago, the Andorian Empire was destroyed by a magical cataclysm, and it came under the terror and horror of the exiled kingdoms mod apk god mode. The Empire of Varannar was very dangerous and unexplored (some people fled by sailing to it). The 4 exiled kingdoms were established due to a lack of trust in each other.

Download Exiled Kingdoms mod apk (Latest Version)

A harsh and impoverished environment still threatens the ragtag kingdom. Therefore, many myths and fairytales are included in the Exiled Kingdoms mods. It does not matter if such a story is true or not, as long as you are getting gold and restoring peace in your kingdom.

New Garand sent you a letter one day in which it said you are the only named beneficiary of a huge inheritance. There are no relatives you remember in the Kingdom of Vasili. You discovered that the mystery of your life is in the New Garand, and now, you believe that fairytales and horrors are real in Exiled Kingdoms unlimited points.

Customize Your Characters
Download Exiled Kingdoms mod apk free now and customize your characters with a variety of options and skills. Your character’s armor dress, sword, other weapons, and backpack can also be customized. The game offers plenty of skill options, and you can even customize your character’s skills.

Choosing the right weapon is important.
It takes an art form to choose weapons in Exiled Kingdoms mod apk. Therefore, please keep track of your enemies’ activities, their powers, and their weaknesses. In fact, after observing your enemies, you should look within to discover what you can do to defeat them, then upgrade your skills so you can defeat monsters and antagonists.

God mode for Exiled Kingdoms mod apk

Interact with other characters
Get unique dialogues in Exiled Kingdoms mod apk (Over 400 dialogues). The game offers up to 90 guests, in addition to those generated by random selection. You can freely move around almost 135 areas without any restrictions.

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Features Exiled of Kingdoms mod apk

This RPG allows you to explore a unique world.
To save your kingdom, you must kill enemies and antagonists.
Find out about four exiled kingdoms.
Create your own characters.
Characterize the character as more skilled.
Invest in the most powerful weapons for your character.
Create a backpack for your character and carefully choose what should be in it.
Know the powers and weaknesses of your enemies.
Over 400 unique dialogues let you converse with other characters.
Access to 135 areas more freely.
A gaming session of more than 120 hours.


Exiled Kingdoms has become one of the most popular action RPG and isometric games out there in very little time. In the game, your character faces many obstacles and challenges while trying to restore peace and a good environment in four exiled kingdoms. There are two versions of the game, the free version and the full version. Unlike the free version of the app, the full version offers full functionality and requires no additional payment. So enjoy a classic RPG when you download Exiled Kingdoms RPG today.

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