Call of Duty Zombies APK Mod 1.0.11 Download for Android

As a shooter video game in the zombie genre, the Call of Duty Zombies APK Mod came from Idea Works in 2009. Android users can play a release of this console game. It looks challenging during the battle against zombies. The 50 levels include heart-racing maps, Ascensions, Kino der Toten, and Director’s Cut Division.

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Call of Duty Zombies APK Mod

Call of Duty Zombies APK Mod Features

Defeat your enemies for a reward. In Zombies vs. Zombies, the more zombies you kill, the more points you earn. Even inflicting damage may earn you points. The number of points earned by a hit depends on the hit’s location relative to the zombies in Call of Duty Zombies Mod. The maximum points are earned by hitting the head. Buying a new weapon replaces an old weapon. Due to this, the player now only has two weapons he can use and also loses all his previous weapons.

However, COD Zombies APK offers grenades and melee weapons that are always with the players and never have to be replaced. Restoring barriers and restoring power: The zombies can breach the entry barriers on the map. In addition, players can also earn some points by avoiding zombies while getting these barrier repairs. The Call of Duty Zombies Mod includes a special switch that allows you to regain power lost to zombie attacks.

Call of Duty Zombies APK Download

Once the power has been restored, the traps can be used to kill the enemies in the surrounding area, but some traps may also harm the players if caught in them. By tapping and moving your finger, you can navigate the screen of Call of Duty Zombies APK (left or right).. Tapping the screen two times will open fire or attack with a knife on the enemies.


COD Zombies APK provides the option to be played as a single player or get a team of 4 players connected using WiFi. The basic objective of the game is to be successful in surviving in each round by killing the zombies, which are invading through different locations to attack you. The difficulty level of Call of Duty Zombies APK is continuously increasing as the game proceeds to the next level. The player has the colt 1911 as a basic weapon and has access to mallet attacks using the combat knife. Have you checked Clash of Clans Mod and Geometry Dash ModAPK, which are the two most trending games?

If you defeat more zombies, you can earn more points, which you can use to purchase better weapons. You can use points to buy offers and map access to other areas by exchanging them for points. Usually, the zombies enter from an area not included in the map, e.g., the barricaded locations. Call of Duty Zombies APK has received so many reviews, but we would also like some from you guys. Download it from the play store.

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