Drastic Apk Emulator Download+ MOD V2.5.4a (Paid Free License)

Drastic APK Emulator is a must-app for gamers. Android smartphones have a way of invading our tech boundaries. It’s called convergence, I believe. The first smartphone to stream video was the iPhone, which broadcast live matches to handheld devices. Android smartphones have taken gaming to the next level, with the current slew of console emulators being released for emulating consoles on Android environments. Drastic Apk is a Nintendo 3DS simulator that makes it possible to play Nintendo console games on your smartphone once the emulator mounts the game’s image.

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Drastic Apk Emulator Download User Guide

The Drastic Apk performs better than expected, offering several key game-changers to speak, offering turbo emulation. Yes, turbo emulation means exactly what you think it means. Imagine emulating your favorite Nintendo titles in the blink of an eye. That’s not all. Drastic Apk allows you to save your in-game progress, even though it is simply an emulation, which means you can exit a game, take a break, and then come back and start where you left off without a hassle.

Here’s the cherry on top: with the Drastic App, you can play games it emulates with external controllers! Could it get any better than this?! If you think that the external controllers may be a prerequisite for the DS emulator, you could not be more mistaken. Drastic apk is not available on the Android Play Store for $7.99 for gags! The emulator emulates the Nintendo DS experience to near experience by creating a virtual controller segment for you a la the Nintendo DS controller way! Taking the ergonomics of the DS seriously as well proves how much heart the application has to replicate the Nintendo DS experience. Drastic Apk performed better as the specifications for the Android device it was tested on went higher and higher.

Drastic APK Emulator

Drastic Apk Download For Android

The Drastic emulator app makes full use of the host devices’ available graphics solutions. You will have smoother graphics if you use a device such as the Nvidia Shield or Xperia Play. To solve the save game issue, the developers with Drastic have offered an easy solution. Now users can easily upload and retrieve files from their phones to their Google Drive cloud storage. I think we should also thank the Nintendo DS users for dealing with their save game issues. Well done! Let others know what you think about Drastic APK Emulator by sharing your views. Download it from the play store.

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