Tiny Tower Mod Apk 2022 Mega Menu (Unlimited Everything)

Tiny Tower mod Apk Mega Menu MOD (Unlimited Everything)

Tiny Tower mod Apk is a simulation game developed by NimbleBit LLC with more than 1 million downloads worldwide. The Tiny Tower mod apk latest allows you to build tiny towers and control the business and citizens that live in them. The Android game can be downloaded from the end of the page if you are interested in finding out more information about it.

Tiny Tower – 8 Bit Life Simulator -It is an arcade game based on retro pixel-art graphics for Android in which the player will be required to construct a skyscraper with multiple floors, containing residential space, offices, cafeterias, and many more. The gameplay is very enjoyable. Different characters work or live in a skyscraper, and the user has to choose their characteristics. Providing the characters with enough housing and workspace will require gamers to make money and build up a building.

Tiny Tower mod Apk Mega Menu MOD (Unlimited Everything)

Detailed Overview

Tiny Tower mod menu is a simulation game in which you have to build towers and in each tower build floors for your citizens to live in. Manage all businesses and also citizens, sell the floors to citizens and hire them for more construction.

Build more Floors

With Tiny Tower Unlimited everything allows you to build more floors and sell them to your citizens. Earn Bux and coins by completing each floor and selling them to others. While building floors you can upgrade lift motors and other stuff. Change the color of the floor’s door, windows, and lobby as your citizens want.

Tiny Tower mod menu

Customize Lobby

Tiny Tower free VIP allows you to customize the lobby to increase your income. Besides the default lobby, there are a lot of other lobbies available to build. You can install too many lobbies including Roman, Fun Fair, Farm, Island, UFO, Taj Mehal, Art, Greek Temple, Jungle Temple, Egyptian,  Standard, New York,  China,  Europe, Russian, NASA, British, Neon, DOJO, Waterpark, Tree, and Monster Lobby.

Customize Floor

In Tiny Tower Unlimited Bux, you can customize the floor’s roof. Design the roof with a lot of available custom roofs in the game. By default, a crane is installed on the roof but you can design multiple roofs including Android, Farm, Rocket Plane, Pocket Train, Disco Zoo, Russia, Fun Fair, Water Park, Snowy Roof, DOJO, Tree, Europe, Pyramid, Desert Island,  Greek Temple,  Jungle Temple, Secret Lab, UFO, British, Roman, Eiffel Tower, Bit Rock, New York, China, ARC DE Triomphe. Taj Mahal, Spooky, Neon Sign, Galleon,  Statue, Fantasy Castle, Monster, Blimp Port, Scream Tower, and NASA.

Customize Elevator

You can customize anything in Tiny Tower Unlimited Coins, as we 1st mentioned about floor customization and Lobby customization. Now we will talk about Elevator customization, Yes, you can customize your elevator as well.

By default, the Trusty Rusty elevator is installed, you can install other elevators including NB200 commercial Lift, Metal Cage, Steel Series SE, Insta-Lift 200 SE, Pullman Prestige, Litestripe 3000, Egyptian Lift, Disco Lift, Ultra-Lift 3000 extreme, Infinity-Lift Lightspeed, Glass Lift, and Police Box. You can also customize the lift motor to increase the speed of the lift.

Note: All customization will cost you BUX, BUX is the currency in the game.

Go Social

You can play the Tiny Tower mod apk unlocked online with friends and other like-minded people. Visit their towers, exchange ideas, and provide worker and client citizens to each other. Finally, trade with them and earn a lot of money.

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Features of Tiny Tower mod Apk

  • Build floors and earn money by attracting citizens.
  • Customize the floors with a lot of available custom floors layout.
  • You can Customize the roof of the tower with too many available custom roofs.
  • Customize the lift of the tower with available custom lifts.
  • Customize the lift motor and increase the speed of the motor.
  • Change the name of the lobby as you want.
  • Paint the lobby as you like.
  • Play online with your friends, see their towers, and exchange the citizens whether they are clients or workers.


Tiny Tower mod apk is a simulation game in which you have to build floors in tiny towers and make your towers bigger by building more floors. Sell the floor to the citizens and earn more money. Be the biggest virtual builder and feel the joy in the building and construction business. Hire the citizens, upgrade the lobbies, upgrade the tower floor, upgrade the lift, and build more floors. Go online and visit your friend’s tower, exchange the citizen’s workers and clients to expand businesses of each other.

Technical Detail of Tiny Tower mod apk

  • Name: Tiny Tower mod apk
  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: 3.3.10
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 40.9MB
  • Developer: NimbleBit LLC

Tiny Tower mod apk Unlimited Everything

Mod Features

With Tiny Tower Mega Menu MOD, you can access the following stuff and add stuff anytime if you lack anything.

  • Add 50 million coins
  • Add 10k Bux
  • Turn on VIP
  • Add 1k gold
  • Spawn VIPS (Need Space)
  • Need Root: No

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