Dragon City Mod Apk 2023 Unlimited Money and Gems

Hi guys, today I am going to discuss the up-to-date version of the Dragon City Mod Apk game. As we know, dragon city is a simulation game in which you can create your fantasy world with dragons. This version is known as Dragon City Mod Apk 2022 release with all features pre-unlock from the very first level. You can enjoy everything unlimited while playing the game.

Dragon City Mod Apk

App: Dragon City Mod Apk
Game Category: Simulation Game
File volume: 135 MB
Apk Version: 22.10.4
Developed By: Social Point: Game developers
Mod Features: Unlimited Everything
Android Version: 4.2 and above
Play Mode: Online + Offline
User Rating: 4.7 / 5
Updated On: 2 days ago
Released On: July 3, 2013
Price: Free

Dragon City Mod  Apk 2021

  • So guys, without wasting more time, I explain the main points. Apk mod of dragon city is basically the latest hack version of this game. From gold to gems, you’ll have unlimited resources in this version. There is no restriction on the unlocking of dragons and orbs with this mod. You will have full access to use all these resources to feed and breed the dragons, grow farms, construct the building, add habitats, and unlock the dragons.
  • This hack mod gives you a memorable gameplay experience without wasting your money and valuable time. If you’re thinking this mod will affect the gaming performance? Then my answer is no! This mod with tons of new features makes this game very easy to play. A question will be running through your mind “Why download this version?” The short answer: It saves your money and valuable time. If you play dragon city games without a hack mod then you have to wait for a long period to complete different tasks and have to spend a lot of money to buy the resources.
  • With this hack mod, there is no more need to worry about these things. Just install and enjoy the game with all its features for free.

Dragon City Mod Apk


What is dragon city Mod Apk?

It is a dream game for dragon lovers around the world. First time Facebook launched this game for their user and since then it became one of the most played dragon games in the world. This game has been downloaded over 100 million times, so you can gauge its popularity by looking at the download count. The game is developed by a social point developer. It was launched in 2012 on Facebook for play. Later on, in 2013-14 iOS and Android versions were also released for users around the world.

If you are a newcomer and have not listened to this game then don’t worry, you are in the right place. In this section, I will explain the basic concept of Dragon City.

If you ever dreamed in your life to become an emperor and rule the world with your army. Greeting! Your dreams will come true with dragon city. In this game, you will have a piece of land to develop a city. You have to construct the buildings, and grow food on farms to evolve this barren land into a beautiful Island.

There are lots of islands and resource snatchers known as dragon masters in this game and you have to defend your empire from their attacks. So, you will need armed force for the defense, and I want to tell you, dragons are the only option for this purpose. You can buy dragon kids from the shop and feed them to turn them into a bloody monsters. Dragons need the training to perform better in battles along with healthy food. That’s why you will need lots of foodstuffs, habitats, orbs, and training grounds.

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Below are some alluring features that make this game so popular. 

  • Dragon city is full of different types of dragons and your task is to complete your dragon book. So, you can achieve this milestone by buying, breeding, unlocking, and winning dragons in battles.
  • More than 80 million dragon masters play this game regularly and put their names on the leaderboard. To become prominent on this board, you have to win fights and improve your player level.
  • As we know, a large number of people play this game regularly and breed their dragons too. So every week, you can collect dragons of different and unique qualities.
  • You can unlock the guardian dragon to reveal hidden facts about the Ancient world.
  • You can join a social network like Facebook to share your victories, invite your friends, and save your game level. Dragon City also provides you internal chat option to talk with opponent players.
  • There is an option to expand your dragon’s stock by fighting and winning the war. In case you win the battle, then you will be able to take over the dragon of your opponent.

All these can happen if you have an extra amount of gold, and gems, which are not easy to earn.
Wait, don’t be disappointed, I have a solution for you. Please follow me, I’ll guide you.

Things you will find in mod Apk?

  • Unlimited food for your dragons
  • Access to the whole dragon’s stock from the very 1st level
  • Gives you unlimited chances to increase your dragon Empire
  • Free unlocked greenhouse
  • Permission to use your favorite dragon up to any level
  • Access to new features like unlocked Old World and Guardian Dragons with 100 new missions.
  • Unlimited gold to decorate the building of dragon city
  • Allows you to use gems without any restriction to speed up the egg hatching
  • Permission to release the most powerful dragon e.g. Wildfire and Obsidian Dragon
  • Special cheats with a guaranteed prize

What latest features that add to the mod Apk?

  • Now, you have a skip option for the cooldown process of the dragon. You can also directly put back your dragon into battle.
  • You can exclusively earn guaranteed game cheats by regular visiting or tuning.
  • Regularly update your dragon list to get the most appropriate dragon.
  • With this version, you can join live dragon TV.
  • Always keep your dragon city clean and shiny.
  • Now you can win top rewards by spinning dragon TV roulette.

Game Theme

Here I explain to you the main idea or theme of the dragon city game. According to the developers, you have to create a city and rule that with the help of dragons. There are lots of floating islands in the game and you have to select one of them. After getting a baby dragon, grow them into a giant monster by feeding it the required foodstuff. You also have to construct buildings, grow farms, add habitats in your city and prepare your dragon for fights.

Besides the game, you will also learn about the sciences of breeding and how nature evolves new species. You will also get experience, in how to manage and exploit different resources in an effective way. You are not the only person doing this more than 80 million people are doing the same job.  Your main target is to reach the top position on the leaderboard.

What new features in this hack mod?

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gems 


Gems are an instant form of currency that can be used to perform multiple tasks in the game. Whether your dragon is caged or you have to unlock a new dragon, gems are the only option to do this action. So, you can understand the importance of gems to achieve a high rank on the leaderboard. With this latest version of dragon city, there is no limitation on gems usage. You will have a bank of gems from the very first level.

Unlimited Food 

Unlimited Food 


Basically, the game is divided into two phases; raring the dragon and establishing the dragon’s Island. Food is the most important element of the raring phase because your dragon’s growth and power depend on the foodstuff that feeds them. Like other unlimited resources, this hack mod also allows you to grow farms and food without any restrictions.

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Gold


Gold has always remained one of the most important metals for human beings since the old world. Like the real world, gold is also a precious resource in the dragon city game. You can exploit this resource to add buildings, farms, and many other things to your Island. Like other items, you will have free access to use gold for doing the above-mentioned tasks.

Unlimited Dragons

Unlimited Dragons


Your primary goal is to complete your dragon book by collecting 100 dragons of your choice. You have to select the dragon from 1000+ available dragon stock in the game. Every week, new dragons also add to the game through the unlocking and breeding process. With this dragon city mod apk, you can get access to all dragons from the 1st level unlike the previous version, where dragons were unlocked one by one with time.

Below is some important dragon name that will have while playing the game 

  • Leaf dragon
  • Metal dragon
  • Mirror dragon
  • Cloud dragon
  • Ragnar dragon
  • Neon dragon
  • Ghost dragon
  • Gold dragon
  • Forest dragon
  • Apache dragon
  • Chase dragon
  • Mozart dragon
  • Lava dragon
  • Cactus dragon
  • Bonfire dragon
  • Hypno dragon
  • Breaker dragon
  • Doctor dragon
  • Legacy dragon
  • Air dragon
  • Core dragon
  • Coral dragon
  • Love dragon
  • Magma dragon
  • Big hat dragon
  • Bat dragon
  • Battery dragon
  • Glitter dragon
  • Asian dragon
  • Fluorescent dragon
  • Dark stone dragon
  • Ice dragon
  • Demon dragon
  • Mojito dragon
  • Joke dragon
  • Mud dragon
  • Dark sky dragon
  • Music dragon
  • Cookie dragon
  • Deep-sea dragon

Mod Feature of Dragon City

Unlock all Game Modes and Challenges 

Dragon city game is developed with different gaming modes according to the player’s level. You will face a few easy challenges if you are a beginner and vice versa. But with this hack mod, you can select any model, or any challenge at any time.

Access to Premium Features 

No doubt this game is free to download around the world. But I want to tell you some important features that can be used only if you are updated to the premium version. To have a premium version, you need to pay money. Here I want to congratulate you if you have downloaded the dragon city mod apk because you already got access to all premium stuff without any charges.

Root Free Installation 

As I have mentioned above, social point developers make this gaming app available for all types of devices. Some mobile applications need root to perform better on android devices. But you will feel happy to know that the dragon city mod apk is free from all these kinds of restrictions. You can install the game without any root.

Free Egg and Hatchery

If you want to create a dragon that has more than one quality, then the breeding process is the only option. Breeding of your favorite dragons will give eggs. Now, you have to keep these eggs in a hatchery for 54 hours to get a baby dragon otherwise eggs can be stored in a storage house. By spending gems, you can speed up the egg-hatching process.

Security Checks

Sometimes while playing the game, unintentionally you lose your resources by touching the mobile screen. To prevent this loss, dragon city mod apk gives you a security check option and asks you every time you buy or use any resource.

Duty reminder      

Every day, you will assign different tasks and goals to achieve. A notice board regularly reminds you about pending tasks.

City Expansion

Your primary goal is to expand your city by exploiting your resources. So, you no need to worry because you are awarded unlimited resources with the dragon city mod apk.

Shopping Market  

Dragon market is a place where you can buy any stuff related to the dragon. You can buy dragon food and other items necessary for dragon growth.

Power Meter 

While during fights in the PvP arena, the intensity meter tells about the striking force and energy levels of both participants. It also informs you about the attack-related damaging consequences.

Play offline as well

It doesn’t matter whether you are online or offline, you can accomplish a different task in both situations. You can challenge other opponents for a fight if you are in an online state. If you are without internet facilities then you can still enjoy the game by completing daily tasks and can win many rewards.

Unlimited Everything

You have listened the word “unlimited” many times in the previous version of dragon city or other similar games, probably with gold, and Gems. But the updated mod Apk 2020 has removed all sanctions from the word “unlimited” to appear with other specific words and presents you with everything unlimited. Everything means each thing in this game will be unlimited and free, which is amazing.

PvP Fights 

Now you can exclusively fight with other opponents in the PvP arena. On winning PvP battles you will be awarded many rewards.

How to download and install Dragon City MOD APK?

Social point game developer launched this game for both mobile and Pc. So, downloading and installation procedures for these different devices are also different. Whether you want to play it on your mobile or Pc, here you will find all the related information.

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Download on Android

  • To download this hack version, press the download option present on our web page.
  • Once the download is complete then press on the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Give permission to change your mobile settings by unchecking the marks.
  • Finally, wait for some time until the game gets installed, normally it takes a few minutes to get completed.

Download on Pc

If you have tired of playing dragon city games on the small screen of your mobile then here is good news for you, because the dragon city mod apk is also available in Pc mode.

  • This game can’t be played directly on Pc until you install an android emulator like “BlueStack” from google.
  • Sign in to your BlueStack account once your installation is complete.
  • Use BlueStack to install Dragon City Mod Apk.
  • Lastly, install and play the game on the large screen of your computer.
Note for all operation systems: if you are using an old version of dragon city, then uninstalled it to prevent installation errors.


  • All dragons are unlocked from the first level which gives you huge flexibility in dragon choice.
  • No restriction or limitation on any resource e.g. gold, gems, and habitats
  • Create a legendary dragon with multiple qualities through the breeding of different dragons.
  • The premium content is free of charge.
  • Update your status, and share victories on social networks like Facebook.
  • Play games on all devices like iOS, Android, and Pc.


  • Not supportive of android below 4.1
  • Sometimes you may face game-loading problems due to the server being down.

Conclusion Dragon City Mod Apk

You can build your own dynasty on a particular island by acquiring resources. You can engage in PvP battles with your dragons. This mod version also offers premium features, allowing you to develop your empire. The mod enables unlimited resources to generate income.

It is a party time for dragon game lovers because the dragon city mod apk enables you to create a city full of buildings, habitats, farms, and training places without spending a single penny. Unlimited fight with other dragon masters using the powerful dragon that makes you prominent among the 80 million dragon masters community.

It is a great opportunity for a newbie to become an experienced master or trainer. Because you can gain experience by exploiting unlimited resources and practicing again and again.

All Android, iOS, and PC devices will work with this mod apk. You need to uninstall the previous version before installing dragon city mode Apk.

After reading this article we can say, “We are playing with premium features without paying for premium”.

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