Magisk Manager Apk 2023 Latest (23.0) Download

Magisk Manager Apk 2021 download for android – Using Magisk Manager Apk will allow you to root Android devices as easily as possible. It can also be used to access restricted Android applications. Overall, Magisk Manager Apk Is One Of The Best Rooting Apk For Android or tablets. Just a tap will allow you to root your Android phone.

App Name Magisk App
Last Update Date July 12, 2021
Android Version Requires 5.0+ Above
Downloads 50,000+
Size 7.17 MB
Developer Topjohnwu

Here We Are going to talk about Everything About magisk manager, Including its Merits Of the Magisk Manager. We will also talk about the Magisk manager’s demerits, how You Can install magisk Manager. How You Can Easily Root your device using magisk manager, and the magisk manager’s Features.

What Is Magisk Manager Apk 2021?

Magisk manager Is Rooting Apk For Android That Can Help To Access All The Restricted App Which doesn’t work for an unrooted device. topJohnwu Is the Developer of the Magisk Manager, and He Is Also The Member Xda Forum.

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Magisk Manager Apk Download For Android


magisk manager apk download

Version 23.0
Download 7578909
Total Views 45646687
File Size 6 MB
Create Date JUNE 14, 2018
Last Updated May 14, 2021


Features Of Magisk Manager APK


Install: it is effortless to install or uninstall the apk. Users will not face any issues in this application, but TEAM WIN should flash the phone.

Superuser: this apk is must required for rooted android devices, and it also manages Superuser permissions

Status: this app also shows the root status of the android device

Magisk Hide: you can hide root status for any app like Banking app, as Magisk Manager takes all permission from the apk

Modules: users can add Magisk Module by just selecting Magisk Module Zip files and enable/disabling or remove        Magisk Module in a single tap

Merits of Magisk Manager


  • Install Magisk Manager if your device is rooted or if your device is unrooted.
  • You can root your device with the help of Magisk Manager, and it doesn’t make any changes to your device system.
  • Add Magisk Module by selecting Magisk Module Zip file Manually
  • You can enable/disable or remove Magisk Manager in a single tap

Demerits Of Magisk Manager


  • You cannot use Magisk Manager in Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL
  • The bad thing about Magisk Manager is it is not placed on adaptable storage
  • You cannot use multi-user as MagiskUser doesn’t support
  • You cannot use MagiskSu in Android O

How To Install Magisk Manager & Root With TWRP Mode

There are some different ways to install Magisk. If already rooted, then you have to access Magisk Module. If you want to pass the SafetyNet in your rooted device or switch SuperSu to MagiskSu in your rooted device, you can install Magisk Manager. The easiest way to install Magisk Manager in your un-rooted device is by using TWRP mode.

STEP 1: Install TWRP

First of all, we have to do flashing the MagiskZip in TWRP Mode. Then we will need to install CUSTOM Recovery.


STEP 2: Download MagiskZip

When TWRP is installed, Then the next step is to download the MagiskZip after that, there is a flashable file that will install the underlying Magisk Framework on your device, and it also gives you a systemless root.

how to install magisk manager step 2


Step 3:  Flash Magisk With The TWRP Mode

Now we have to Boot your’s phone into recovery mode. Then we have to tap the” install” button in the TWRP menu. From select the download folder, select the MagiskZip after you have to slide the slider present at the bottom of the screen to install Magisk that taps “Reboot system.”


Step 4: Magisk Manager Installation 

After users get back up, we will get the framework installed, but users still need Magisk Module, but this apk is not available in the play store.


Step 5: SafetyNet Status & Root status

Now, open the Magisk Manager apk. If you will be a message at the top of the screen which shows MAGISKSU with green color text, which indicates that the device is officially rooted and it is done with the help of Magisk, it is called systemless root.

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