Framaroot APK 2023 Latest Version Download for Android

Rooting your Android device has become a viral activity as it provides unmatched customizability for your smartphone or tablet. When your root your Android device, you will get root privileges which have made people flock to the other side of the spectrum and root their devices.

Download Framaroot APK from here, install it on your Android smartphone or tablet and root it right away if you haven’t rooted it already.

Framaroot APp

Most of the time people require an error during the rooting process so they end up with a bricked device. The Framaroot is a simple rooting solution by eliminating the need for a computer.

Framaroot App Overview

Framaroot is a one-stop solution for our rooting woes. It takes care of the rooting problems by removing the computer from the process itself. It does so by rooting the smartphone on its own. Framaroot roots Android smartphones and tablets by using the following exploits: Boromir, Frodo, Barahir, Aragorn, Legolas, Pippin, Gandalf, and Faramir.

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Features Of Framaroot Apk

Using the Framaroot Android application, you can easily root and unroot your Android smartphone or tablet. After the phone has been rooted, the app can perform many tasks and can be used for a plethora of purposes that wouldn’t be available when you purchased your device.

It should, however, be noted that rooting one’s phone or tablet violates the warranty, as most companies don’t recognize it as a safe procedure for the smartphone.

The Framaroot app currently doesn’t support all the Android devices sold in the market and subtly provides the error message when installed on such smartphones and tablets so that people don’t brick their phones.

The app is currently in version 1.9.3 and is a pretty stable version. This 1.2 MB app supports Android versions as far back as Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Why Use Framaroot Android App?

The main reason rooting wasn’t adopted by the majority of Android users was due to the complicated procedures involved in the process.

Framaroot has provided a solution for making rooting your device a very easy-to-achieve process without touching a computer. This is why most Android users are using this app for rooting their devices.

After gaining root privileges, you would require a good knowledge of the Android operating system to make customizations as they are complicated and shouldn’t be tried by a beginner.

Before rooting your device, you should also make sure to take a complete backup, as your files may be wiped off while rooting.. To be on the safer side, make a cloud backup of the important files on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Framaroot APK download

Framaroot App Information

App Type APK
License Freeware
File Size 1.25 MB
Requirement Android 1.5 and higher
Recommended Android 4.4 + Above
App Version 1.9.3

Framaroot APK Update

I will update this page as soon as an update is available for the Framaroot app.. So, keep visiting this page to download Framaroot’s updated apk file.


  • One-click root allows you to root any Android device automatically
  • Rooting or unrooting your phone
  • SuperSU is easy to install
  • After rooting, check the status of the Root file
  • A secure root and cancellation of a harmful root

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