360 Root APK Download Latest Version for Android 2023

360 Root Apk is a root app that doesn’t need the help of a computer for rooting your Android device. From our personal observation, we can tell that the application is self-sufficient and pretty fast. Rooting a smartphone is a tricky business; a mistake can cause a mishap, and your phone may get bricked.

But this happens mainly due to the use of software that is incapable of doing what it says. This is why we are so excited about 360 Root APK. It does what it says; it works! So in this post, we will guide you on how to install the 360 root app. Read on.

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iRoot Apk360 Root APK Download

Features of 360 Root Apk Download

Simple User Interface:
With this app, rooting your device has never been easier. Rooting your device is as simple as installing 360 Root from here and pressing the “Root” button.
Remove any pre-installed applications:
360 Root lets you remove unwanted apps from your device. The application has this feature, which makes it one of the best.
Lock Android Gallery:
If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can lock the gallery with 360 Root. By uninstalling the app right away, you can use 360 Root instead of the gallery lock app.

So before we get to the download process, we’d like to share some of the 360 Root APK features that we think are worth taking note of. Here we go:


It comes free of cost, which adds to its accessibility.


This app’s basic and most popular feature is to give the user quick root access to the OS. This is done by simply clicking on the root option of the phone, which roots the smartphone and enables you to do tasks that were not possible before.

Uninstalling apps

Developed by 360 Mobile Security Limited, this app can also be used to remove preinstalled applications when you bought the phone. Root access gives the user the power to remove any app, be it a system app or a downloaded one, helping you save space.

Gallery protection

The gallery is one of the most private and personal spaces of any smartphone, and so it should be kept under lock and key. This is where the 360 root app shines, as it has the ability to lock the gallery app.

Cache removal

The application can also be used to remove unwanted cache and free up some memory. As you can see, the application is big on saving space.


If a simple rooting app is what you’re looking for, then 360 root is the one for you. But if you are looking for additional features like custom recovery installation feature, booting into recovery or download mode feature, etc., you should look for other Android applications as 360 Root doesn’t provide these options.

360 Root App Information

  • Latest App Version:
  • Package: com.Qihoo.permmgr
  • File Size: 11.16 MB
  • Android Version Supported: 2.3 or higher
  • Supported DPIs: nodpi
  • Release Date: December 17, 2017
  • Status: Working

360 Root APK Update

I will be updating this page with the latest version of the 360 Root app as soon as an update is available. So, keep visiting this page to download the 360 Root updated apk file.

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