Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod Apk v1.4.147 (Unlimited Money)

Seen by many as a clone of ‘Injustice’ from the story mode to the stamina system, Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK is a game that brings about the collection, battling, and upgrading of robots.

Name Ultimate Robot Fighting
Developer Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Category Fighting
File Size 231MB
Version 1.4.147
MODFearues Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Get it On googleplay
Update Date Sep 11, 2022


With each opponent you battle, you earn an experience and disappoints, which can be used to purchase robots through the individual robot packs. It can also be used for upgrading existing robots through rank-ups or power cards. The digit points act as premium currencies but are hard to earn as you would expect in every free-to-play game.

Ultimate Robot Fighting -Powered by CardCast’s interactive role-playing elements, the game lets players fight against robots in a format called “three against three”. In order to enter the arena and battle the enemy, you will need to collect cards featuring specific droids. Game players need to use all the capabilities of the cars during the battle, with the potential to win the prize of new, more sophisticated robots if they prevail.

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Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod Apk

The Gameplay is fantastic. You can execute light and heavy attacks (tapping the screen and swiping it) while playing matches. Super moves can be activated when the energy bar is full by tapping the bar designated for this effect.. Subsequently, there are loads of robots to collect, such as would satisfy the dire ‘robotic needs’ of every enthusiast.

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The availability of numerous options, which include URF, for improving the robots is a brilliant idea. Changing teams instead of a system of energy forcing you to quit is another option. The reason for this is that the general system is not linked to the battle power of your robot but rather to its energy.

Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK did not feature Transformers. Even the robots confirm that it is an independent game and a classic.

Are you left with a vacuum in your heart that can only be filled by playing the game? The controls (are also sleek and easy to operate. The sound and the graphics are top-notch as well. It is a game that will pin you to a spot for hours with no front of hunger or urgency as you play.

Download the Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK game and see ultimate gaming from a different perspective. Revisit this website for more exciting games.

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