Pokemon GO Mod Apk 2023 (Fake Gps, Mod, Unlimited Money)

Pokemon GO Mod Apk, Gotta catch ‘em all, is the latest Pokémon launched by Nintendo for iOS and Android. The all-new Pokémon game is based on the latest concept of “augmented reality.” The game was announced two months back, i.e., in May 2016 and the new concepts drove gamers and developers crazy for it. And now the game is life in Australia and United States.

Name Pokémon GO
Developer Niantic
Category Adventure
File Size 92M
Latest Version 0.257.0
MOD Features Fake GPS/Hack Radar
Get it On googleplay
updated Dec 17, 2022

Pokemon GO Mod Apk

Pokémon GO MOD APK (Fake GPS/Hack Radar)

Pokémon is a top-rated TV series created by Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, and Game Freak. The central character was a trainer named Ash. With his cute first Pokémon Pikachu, the series became popular quickly. Still, did anyone knows Satoshi Tajiri first developed the game?

Yes! Tajiri got the concept of Pokémon in 1989 and decided to develop a game for the first Gameboy created by Nintendo. The central character of the game at that time was a trainer named Red. The game became most popular and addictive in a few days, and then Game freak develops tons of Pokémon games. In 1996, Ken Sugimori and Tajiri decided to create a TV series, and Ash was born.

After so many successful games, TV series, and Pokémon movies, the developers take Pokémon to a great new height by developing Pokémon GO in augmented reality.

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Pokémon GO Mod Apk Game Details

Pokémon GO is the latest Pokémon game developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android. The game is released in July 2016 in the USA and Australia. The game allows players to capture, train, battle, and trade virtual Pokémon that appear in the real world. Optical wearable devices come with the game, which can be connected with Bluetooth to your smartphones. The wearable device is known as Pokémon Go Plus. The device blinks a LED and vibrates when a Pokémon is nearby.

Pokémon GO ModPokémon GO Mod Apk

The game uses a GPS connection, Wi-Fi or Internet connection, and Bluetooth connection (optional for wearable). A player actually needs to travel and search for a Pokémon in this game.

The idea of the game was developed by Satoru Iwata and Tsunekazu Ishihara in 2013. Google Maps also collaborated in 2015 for this game. In March 2016, the Japanese-based company Niantic announced the first beta version of the game. After all successful tests beta version comes to an end on 30th June 2016. The game is now live on the 6th of July 2016 in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pokemon Go Mod APK Latest Version

Pokémon Go is the first game linked with the real world; after the successful series of Pokémon now fans desperately wait for the Pokémon Go Game to be launched. It is an unusual game that can be played on your smartphone with your friends while hanging out Find Pokémon around you and Catch, Train, and Trade the Pokémon in the Virtual World with the one who is residing in the Real World. In this article, we will give you the details about the Pokémon Go Game.

The Game can be played with your friends in Multiplayer Mode as well, and you will be able to find Pokémon nearby by turning on the GPS Navigation. Depending on the environment around you, you will be able to find Pokémon.
YOU can also play the New Version of this Game on the Virtual Reality Kit, which gives a more advanced feeling of the Gameplay and gives the game’s live experience, and the user will feel as if he is playing the Game in Real World.
With the presence of the Pokémon nearby, YOU will notify you with a LED Light or Vibrations.

Pokémon Go Mod Free Download for Android

Pokémon Go Apk Free Download for Android- The New game featuring Pokémon was launched on Tuesday on the Play Store, the Beta Version of the App. You can Now Download the Pokémon Apk for Google Play Store, it is a 58MB App, and all you need is a Smartphone consisting of a Camera and a Navigation system to Run the Game Play Game.

Currently, the Game is available in the USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Soon, The game will launch the game in other countries like India, Singapore, Germany, UK, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Pokémon Go Apk for IOS | iPhone

Now Currently, Pokémon Go is available in Limited Countries. If you want this game on your iPhone, all you need is to change your location for iTunes Store or simply create a New Apple ID and select the desired location.

  • Go to App Store
  • Search for the Pokémon Go Game
  • Install the Game on Your iPhone
  • Start Playing Pokémon Go on IOS

If you are from a Different Country, i.e., other than the United States, Australia, or New Zealand

  • Go to Apple App Store and Logout
  • Go to Settings–> General–> Language and Region –> Select US, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • Open App Store and Search for Pokemon Go
    If it still doesn’t Appear, then Install any random App.
  • Create a New Apple ID and select Countries like the US, Australia, or New Zealand)
  • Now again, go to App Store and search for Pokemon Go and Download the App.

Pokemon Go APK for PC

You can also play this PC/ Laptop/ Desktop game, but there are limitations in this PC version as this game is played using the Navigation Service of the Smartphone, i.e., GPS, so your PC location will be the same or not much variant. Because of these limitations, you will end up catching fewer Pokemons. So this was a Short Information about Pokemon Go APK for PC.

  • Install Bluestacks or any other Mobile Emulator on your PC
  • Install the APK file on the PC from Google Play Store
  • Start Playing the Game Online

How to Get Poke Coins in Pokémon Go for Free | Latest Information

How to Get Poke Coins in Pokémon Go for Free | Latest Information about Pokemon

In 2016, Pokémon Go was the most trending game based on “Augmented Reality”. The Pokemon game was downloaded 40 million times in just 10 days. Nintendo, Niantic Inc., and Game Freak also agreed that their game servers could not handle the traffic from Pokémon Go, making them overwhelmed. Developers are working to make sure the game is back online shortly, as players become increasingly frustrated when the game is not working.

There are still several problems with the game, including freezing and distance calibration issues when hatching eggs. During battles in the gym, the game regularly freezes. Several issues have also been reported regarding the Catching of Pokémon. Poke balls catch Pokémon and cause games to hang when thrown toward them. The only option then is to shut down and relaunch the game. If you are lucky, you may find that Pokémon again, otherwise it will disappear or have been caught by another player. This process also consumes more Battery, as you have to close the App and launch the App.

What are Poke coins in Pokemon Go? How to collect

Many PokeFans have no Idea about Poke Coins in Pokemon Go, and the Poke coin is the only currency in the Pokémon Go Game that can be used to Buy Items. Poke coins let you Buy Poke Balls, Lucky Eggs, Egg Incubators, Incense, and Lure Modules. You can also upgrade your Bag Storage and Pokémon Storage using the Poke coins.

Right now, there are only two ways to collect Poke Coins:
  • Buying Poke Coins:
    Buying poke coins is the easiest way to collect Poke coins. You need to spend Real World Money for Buying Coins. Pokémon Go sells 100 Poke coins for $0.99, and many more Offers are available that you will be able to see in the App itself when you select the Shop Option in the Game. In-app purchase is available for buying the coins. You need to pay using PayPal or Credit cards.
  • Earning Poke Coins in the Game for Free:
    Earning Poker coins in the game is difficult. You need to battle in the gym and become one gym leader for that. Here is the link for Gym Battle Demonstration. Your Pokémon must have Higher Combat Power, and you must know some Battle Strategies. After winning the battle and owning the gym, you must defend it for at least 24 hours to start receiving the Poke coins as a reward.
  • It sounds a little tricky, but right now, this is the only way to earn the poke coins for Free in the game. You should regularly fight and own many Gyms for Earning as many poke coins as possible because it is the only currency in the game. You can get 10 PokeCoins & 500 Stardust from each Gym, so this is How You Get Poke Coins for Free.

Download Pokemon go Mod Apk

Pokémon Go is a very addictive game. Niantic Inc. added the concept of Poke Eggs for Increasing the Fitness Level of the Players. You must walk to Hatch the Eggs. Traveling in the car, bike, or airplane won’t help you in Hatching the Egg. You must walk the desired distance for that. The GPS reads your traveling speed, and if you are traveling faster than a certain limit, it will not count the distance for Egg Hatching. Niantic develops this for increasing the fitness level of the players.

The glitches in the game and server issues are major problems in the game. The developers are working hard on them to make it run Smoother. Niantic Inc. also working on launching the game in other countries too. So stay tuned for the latest Pokémon updates and Game Play Information. If you find any difficulties in the game or give any suggestions, the Comment Box will always welcome you!

How to get Pokemon Go Stardust & Candy for Free? | Level Up

Getting Pokemon Go Stardust & Candy for Free | Level Up- Pokémon Go is a very addictive and trending game. The “Augmented Reality” game is becoming very popular among Youngsters because a player actually needs to travel in the real world and catch a Virtual Pokémon.  The game is still not officially launched in Asia and Europe, but it still records over 30 million downloads in just a week; most fans are going crazy after playing this game; here, we will guide you on

How to Get Stardust for Free. Stardust is required to level up your Pokemon’s Combat Power (CP).

How to Level Up in Pokémon Go?

If you are searching for How to Level Up in Pokemon Go, Leveling up in Pokémon go is quite easy. You need to earn XP for leveling up. You can get XP by catching a wild Pokémon, and while catching a Wild Pokemon, if you Spin the Ball and Throw at the Pokemon, you will get +10XP. This will help you to Level Up faster. Battling in a gym and visiting poke stops will also help to Increase the XP of a Player. When you reach Level 5, Gym Battles and Team Selection is available for players, and there are 3 Teams, i.e., Valor, Mystic & Instinct.

How to Fake Location in Pokemon GoHow to Level Up in Pokémon Go

After leveling up, you get various rewards like poke Balls, Razz Berries, Potions, and Revive. You will get stronger or High CP wild Pokémon if your Level is Higher, so what are you waiting for? Go Hunt for Pokemons nearby you and increase your Level.

How to Get Stardust for free in Pokemon Go?

Now, if you want to increase your Pokemon power, you will need Stardust to get this player to search for How to Get Stardust for Free in Pokemon Go. Stardust is a reward you get when you catch a wild Pokémon. It would be best if you had Stardust and Pokémon candy for powering up the Pokémon, i.e., increasing the CP of a Pokémon. Catch as many wild Pokémon as possible to get more Stardust and more Pokémon Candies. Pokémon candies are useful for evolving a Pokémon too. After the evolution of your Pokémon, its CP increases, and HP increases to make it a lot Stronger for Battle. The amount of stardust required to increase the CP of Pokémon increases with the level.

Get Pokemon Candy for Free

Pokémon candies are very rare, and you get them when you catch the Pokémon. The trainer gets three Pokémon candies when he catches one. For, e.g., You get three Zubat candies when you catch one zubat, and you need 50 Zubat candies for evolving one Zubat to Golbat. The evolution of Pokémon helps to grow CP exponentially and increases the HP of that Pokémon too. Evolved Pokémon have higher attack and defense stats, and attacks of that Pokémon are powerful too. So this was about How to get Pokemon Candy for Free.

How to Play Pokémon Go Like a Pro? & Catch | CP | Gym | Balls FAQ’s

Pokémon Go is the most trending game of 2016. The “Augmented Reality” based game became popular in no time, breaking all downloads records. But can you play the game like a pro?
Here is all the information you need to know about Pokémon Go. 5 Things We Love About Pokemon Go

Download Pokemon Go Mod Apk Latest Version

Pokémon Go may not be available in few countries, but here is the link to download the game for free. After downloading the game, install it and launch the game. Sign in with your account. Choose the character and avatar. After customizing your own character, Professor appears and briefs you about the game. At the start of your own adventure, you receive 50 Poke balls and 2 Incense (which you can use to lure Pokémon towards you).

Which Pokémon appears at the start, and how to catch them?

At the start of the game, you can see three Pokémon appear

You can select only one Pokémon from these options, so select wisely. Few trainers were able to catch Pikachu as their first Pokémon with the little trick.

How to catch a Pokémon?

Catching a Pokémon is very easy. When a wild Pokémon appears on your screen nearby you, tap on the Pokémon to challenge it. You will see the Pokémon on your screen and a poke ball below it. Just flick the ball toward the Pokémon like a paper toss game, and when the ball hits the monster, it gets absorbed in the poke ball, and boom!! Gotcha, you caught a Pokémon!! You will get stardust powder and a few rewards and exp.

But you cannot always catch it. The Pokémon can dodge/kick your poke balls and even run too. A green/orange/red circle will appear around. It denotes the difficulty in catching the level of Pokémon. There are normal poke balls and great balls too for catching high CP (Combat points) Pokémon. There are razz berries, too, which can make catching Pokémon a little easy.

In this game, you actually need to travel to your surrounding areas and search the Pokémon. You will get different Pokémon in different areas.

What is Combat Power (CP)? How to grow the CP of a Pokémon?

CP or combat power is the strength of Pokémon. Higher the CP stronger the Pokémon. CP of Pokémon helps to win the battle at the gym. For increasing the CP of the Pokémon, you can use stardust powder and Pokémon candies. When you catch the Pokémon, you get free stardust and Pokémon candy.

How to battle in Pokemon Go?

Battling in Pokémon Go is extremely easy. You just need to keep tapping on the screen and dodge the attack by sliding left and right. There is a blue bar on the top left corner that starts filling when you attack your foe. Pokémon makes a special attack when the bar is full. Higher CP Pokémon always have an advantage on the battlefield, but you can overpower the foe by using its weak points. For example, Fire-type Pokémon are weak against water type.

There are no such things as Pokémon center in this game. You can revive your fainted Pokémon by using Revive and heal the Pokémon using potion and super potion. You can get revived, and the potion in Pokémon stops as a battle reward when you level up.
Battles in the game seem a little disappointing.

What is Pokémon gym? How to fight in Pokémon Gym?

When you achieve level 5 in the game, you can challenge the gym for a battle. First, you need to select the team. You can select only one team in the game. There are three teams.

Team Instinct (Yellow Team). Leader Name: Spark. Team Instinct’s mascot is the legendary bird Zapdos.
Team Mystic (Blue Team). Leader Name: Blanche. Articuno, the icy legendary, represents mysticism.
Team Valor (Red Team). Leader Name: Candela. Team Instinct’s mascot is the legendary firebird Moltres.

When you select the team, you need to defeat all the gym representatives if you encountered the gym with another team. You need to make gym reputation zero by defeating that gym’s players and becoming a leader by keeping your Pokémon defending the gym. Remember, the Pokémon you kept for defending will not be available for fights in another gym. It will come back to you as someone else defeats that gym.

How to get Poke Balls and other items?

You can get poke balls for free when you level up. You can get poke balls, and other items on poke stop too. An in-app purchase option is also available to get poke balls using poke coins.

Items in the game and its description:

Poke balls: Catching a wild Pokémon.
Great Ball: Makes high CP Pokémon catching easy.
Razz Berry: A berry for the wild Pokémon, which can make catching easy.
Potion and Super Potion: Heals the Pokémon
Revive: Make fainted Pokémon available for fight again.
Incense: Make wild Pokémon lures towards you for 30 minutes.
Lure Module: It attracts Pokémon to poke stop for 30 minutes. Other players near the poke stops can also get benefits too.

How to Fake Location in Pokemon Go

An incubator carries an incubated egg until it is ready to be hatched.
Lucky Egg: It gives double XP for 30 minutes.

How to obtain and Hatch the Egg?

Eggs can be obtained at poke stops for free. You can also get an egg as a reward when you level up. An egg incubator can be used to hatch the egg when you walk a sufficient distance. The distance will not be counted if you are traveling in a car, bike, or airplane. It would be best if you walked to hatch the egg.

What are poke stops?

Poke stops are real-world locations like monuments/public places where you can get some free stuff. You can get poke balls, razzberry, poke eggs, potion, revive, and other items. You need to visit the poke stop and rotate the icon to get the stuff for free.

Pokemon Go Pro tips for gameplay:

Travel as much as possible in the game.
Capture all the Pokémon you get on your map.
Fight the gym battle to gain XP. The higher the XP, the more they level up, and the stronger the Pokémon you will get.
Pokémon gym also helps you earn Pokémon coins when you become the gym leader and defend the gym.
Gather as many stardust powders by capturing a Pokémon and powering up the Pokémon using it.
Use Incense and lure module to capture as many Pokémon as possible.
Use high CP Pokémon for battle.

How to Fake Location in Pokemon Go in Android | IOS | iPhone Hack

How to Fake Location in Pokemon Go in Android | IOS | iPhone Hack- The most trending game nowadays is none other than Pokemon Go. Most people are now roaming around the town with a Smartphone in their Hands, searching for Pokemon nearby them. In Pokemon Go, players get an update about the Pokemons around them, so they search for the Pokemon nearby.

The Game is based on Augmented Reality that detects your location. As your Location in the game changes, the steps to the nearest Pokemon decrease if you approach the right direction in the Map. Now, most people will find a Loophole for this Game by Faking their Location and Catch New Pokemons in their Area of going to the Pokestop where they can get some bonus or the PokeGym Fight with an Opponent.

Here we will discuss How to Fake Locations in Pokemon Go. There are chances that if you get caught by the Pokemon Go team or detect any suspicious activity in your account, you might end up banning your Account from Pokemon Go. I recommend you do this at your own risk. Below is the Guide for How to Fake Location in Pokemon Go for Android and IOS (iPhone). Things You Love About Pokemon Go

Fake Pokemon Go Location on Android

How to Fake Pokemon Go Location in Android- Now, to Fake a Location in Android Smartphone, First of all, you will need to Root Your Android Phone. If your Android Phone is already rooted, then well and Good, again I am telling you to do this at your own risk as this might end up banning your account so use it wisely. Things You Hate About Pokemon Go

DOUPAI Apk + Mod

Install the App FakeGPS Free

If you are on Android 6.0 or above, You don’t need to Root the Smartphone after installing the App.
Go to Settingsà About Phoneà Tap Build Number Several Times
Go to Developer Options à Select Mock Location App à Select FakeGPS
Selection of the Desired Location on the Phone.
After doing this, you can select any Fake Location on your Android Smartphone and Catch More Pokemons.

How to Fake Pokemon Go Location in IOS

How to Fake Pokemon Go Location in IOS- iPhone users are also searching for How to Fake Pokemon Go Location in IOS or Fake Pokemon Go Location. Here we will provide you with a detailed guide that may help you Catch More Pokemons and increase your Level in Pokemon Go Fight at the PokeGym and become the Gym’s leader. Follow the simple steps mentioned below to use Fake Pokemon Go Location on IOS or iPhone. First of all, your iPhone must have a Jailbreak. Without that, you cannot Fake a Location in Pokemon Go on iPhone. After this, follow these steps.

Download App: Location Spoofer for App Store
Select the Desired Location
So these are the simple steps that will help you to Fake the Location on Pokemon Go in IOS.

5 Things We Love About Pokémon Go | 5 Best Things in Pokémon Go

5 Things We Love About Pokémon Go | 5 Best Things in Pokémon Go– Pokémon Go is the latest and most trending game of 2016 based on the new concept of “Augmented reality.” Niantic Inc. with Game Freak develops the game. The game is available for IOS and Android Operating System platforms. It is available only in a few countries, i.e., the United States & Australia; Niantic promised to launch the game in most countries by July. There are a few things that we really loved about the game and a few things which we really hated. In the previous article, we discussed 5 Things We Hate About Pokemon Go. If you are from another country, here are the tricks you can use to Download Pokemon Go on your Smartphone.

Download Pokemon MOD Apk

Concept of “Augmented Reality”
The game is based on the latest concept of “Augmented Reality,” The virtual world is connected with the real world. Real players need to travel in the real world to catch the virtual Pokémon. Though it sounds a little confusing, the gameplay is pretty cool and easy to understand. We hope to see this concept in a lot of upcoming games.
Get out of your Home.
The key part of the game is you actually need to travel in the real world to capture/ train/ battle real Pokémon. You need to wander in your surroundings and meet different trainers in the game. It is not the general game to sit in your house and play, so it’s quite adventurous.

Catching and Training a Pokemon
Catching and training a Pokémon is really amazing in the game. When you traveled to your nearby Pokémon and decided to battle with it, the phone camera turns on, and it gives you a real experience of catching a Pokémon. The animations are pretty decent too. Battling and defeating your opponent gives you experience points that help your Pokémon grow, level up, and learn new attacks and evolution.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk (LATEST VERSION)

Pokémon Go Plus
Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable device that uses a Bluetooth connection to connect with your smartphone. The device is helpful when you are traveling. It notifies you when there is a Pokémon around by blinking a LED and vibrating. The device is very lightweight and available in multiple colors. Though it is for $34.99. Pokemon Go Guide
The Game is Free
The game is available on App Store and Google Play Store for free downloading, and the experience of the game is beautiful. However, it supports In-App Purchases for buying Poke Coins. The poke coins allow you to buy different pieces of stuff in the game.
Now get your gear ready and get out of your home to experience the amazing world of Pokémon because you Gotta Catch Em All!!!

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