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Cshare Apk File sharing in the modern world is effortless now. No need for Cables or Wires to do that. It can do wirelessly. Commonly, wireless file transfer is done on smartphones. There are some apps built especially for this purpose. They are called file-sharing apps. Cshare Apk is one of the files sharing apps built for smartphones. It is using WiFi as the medium of transferring.

Wifi is faster than other wireless file-sharing methods like Infrared and Bluetooth. So Cshare is faster than any other wireless file-transferring method. The download links are available on this site.

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App Name Cshare
Develop DEV
Genre Video editor
5 MB
Latest Version
Varies with device
MOD Unlimited pro
Get it On Play store
Root No Root Required

Cshare Apk File Sharing App

Cshare is a file-transferring app for Android. Therefore it can download as Apk. It is only developed for Android. So there are no other versions of ios and PC. Cshare Apk is not a paid app. it is freemium. Therefore it can download into any Android smartphone without paying charges. It allows sharing of Apps, Videos, Audio, Pictures, Documents, etc. This file-sharing app transfers files instantly. Cshare Apk is one of the best file-sharing apps for Android devices.


This app’s interface is very user-friendly. The simpleness of the interface gives an easy-to-use experience on the app. It has a nice theme color, and the buttons of the app are in different colors. On the home screen of Cshare Apk, there are some buttons. SEND, RECEIVE, MORE APPS, and HISTORY is the button on the home screen.

How To Use Cshare Apk

Actually, using Cshare Apk to share files is an effortless thing. Reviews of this app say that this is the easiest app that can be used to share files between Android smartphones. Therefore there are the steps of using cshare Apk correctly.

  • First of all, download the app for the Android device. Because it is free, anyone can directly download the app for their Android smartphone.
  • Then install the app. Before installing the app, go to the SETTINGS on the Android device and install the unknown sources. Otherwise, Android will no allow installing the Cshare app.
  • After installation, open the app.
To Send Files
  • Click the SEND button on the home screen. Then it’s time to select files to send. The user can select any file type to send—apps, Videos, Audio, Pictures, Documents, any file format like this.
  • After selecting files, another SEND button will appear on the bottom of the app screen. Click that send button to send files.
  • Then the device starts to search for the Receivers. To send files between Android smartphones using the Cshare apk, Cshare must install on the other device.
  • If there are any receivers, the device names of the receivers will appear on the sender’s screen.
  • Then select the device that files want to send. Then files will send to the other device quickly.
To Receive Files
  • Click the RECIEVE button on the home screen. Then the device will start to appear on the sender’s device.
  • When the sender selects this device, files will receive by the device automatically.


  • File sharing is faster than any other wireless file-sharing method like infrared and Bluetooth because this app uses WiFi as the medium io file transferring.
  • File transferring is totally free of charge. Not like the MMS. MMS applies the network charges to share between devices. But cshare apk has no connection between the SIM networks. Therefore file sharing is totally free.
  • Automatically finds other Cshare installed devices if they are in the same range.
  • This app works with a range of 100m radius of distance.

Download And Install

Share App Products develop the Cshare Apk. The Size of the apk is 2.81MB; therefore, it can download to low-space devices. This app needs Android 4.0 or a Higher version of Android to run.

Download Cshare Apk for your device and enjoy the new file sharing experience.

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