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Zong internet packages I hope you all are well. And I’m going to share some very good Zong packages with your friends. If you want to know about all these packages, read my full article. Today I will tell you all about the cheapest Zong name package.

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Alternative Communication App: Zong internet

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Zong internet packages.

The Zong company first created its SIM in 2008 on which we could run SMS calls and the internet. This company became famous much faster than other companies because it provided all its users and had a lot of quality. If I talk about its internet, then it is much faster than other companies.
Dial *662# codes on your SIM now and run the internet for free. Its term is no one. It can end at any time. So run the internet for free as soon as possible.
There are some terms and conditions for using this package. First of all, if you want to use these packages, you must have Zong SIM.
All Zong users can use this package
With this package, you can only use Facebook

Package for Facebook

If you want to use Twitter on your SIM, they can too. All you have to do is dial*6464#  code. You will get this offer for only Rs. 2 / -. You can use 200 MB.

You can do this if you want to use WhatsApp and SMS on Zong sim. If you apply this package, then Zong will give you 500 SMS and 30 MB absolutely free for the whole day. It would be best if you had a Zong SIM to use this offer. Also, you must have Rs 5 inside Zong SIM. Diall Code *6464#

Use free Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter

If you want to use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for free, add 200 codes and run the internet for free all day. Dial Code *6464#

Zong New sim offer

If you have a new SIM, you can use free internet on it. All you have to do is dial *10# and get 4000 MB and 1000 minutes.

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