AVG Antivirus PRO MOD APK v6.52.3 (Premium Unlocked) Android

AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK – The Antivirus that I am going to share with you today will protect you from viruses and malware. This Antivirus will also protect your personal data. Also, you can save your photos and videos inside its photo vault. If you run the Internet with your friend’s hotspot, you can use its Wi-Fi protection feature. If there is a virus in it, this AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK will tell you immediately.

App Name Avg Antivirus Pro Apk
Offered By AVG Mobile
Game Category Tools
Version 6.52.3
Game Size 31MB
Get it On googleplay
Updated Date Oct 5, 2022
MOD Features info All Features Unlocked


The number of people using this AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK is in the millions, and they all rely very much on this Antivirus. As we know, privacy is a huge thing in today’s world. And we use a lot of antiviruses to protect our privacy. And they often have an antivirus that either doesn’t work or charges you money. But today, I am going to share an anti-virus that will help you keep all your things safe.


Feature AVG AntiVirus PRO APK

I will tell you about some of the key features of this AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK. All these features are given to you below.

  • You can protect your games, Antivirus, and files by scanning with this Antivirus.
  • If your mobile is running too much slow, you can speed it up with this Antivirus help.
  • If you use this antivirus premium feature, then your mobile battery life will be very extended.
  • You can eliminate all the files that you do not use in one click.
  • With this anti-virus help, you can put a pattern on all of them and save them. Let no one else use these antiviruses except you.


It is not always easy to detect background applications without the relevant applications, as many run in the background. The user should stop or remove these applications since they are all-consuming in performance, battery life, and network bandwidth without them knowing. With AVG AntiVirus 2021, any application running on the computer can be removed, including those that are not responding. This makes the user’s device run smoother and saves many items on the device by killing all the background apps. Avast Mobile Security Pro APK is also the best antivirus that is used to kill background apps and also it helps you to boost your device performance.

AVG AntiVirus PRO MODDownload AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK

  • If you have lost your mobile phone, you can find it with this Antivirus help.
  • If you are connected to this antivirus while using the internet, no one will know your location.
  • You can also check your Wi-Fi download and upload speed with this anti-virus.
  • With this Antivirus help, you can check the permissions of all the apps you install on your mobile.

Download AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK

VPN protection
In this Antivirus, you are given VPN protection. With the help of this, if a person wants to get your location, he will not know your location. And with the help of this Antivirus, you will be safe from all hackers.
Wifi scanner
In this Antivirus, you can see if your Wi-Fi password is secure or not.
And it also has an amazing feature that I told you about earlier with the help of this Antivirus, you can scan all your Antivirus and files and delete them, which is a violation of your mobile and privacy. Are at risk
Trash cleaner
If I talk about performance, then anti-virus will increase your mobile performance. Your mobile will remove all the things that are affecting your mobile performance.

Privacy protection
If I talk about privacy, your privacy will be completely protected from hackers because of the Antivirus. To protect your privacy, you will be given various features within the Antivirus.

How to Download AVG AntiVirus MOD

If you want to download this AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK without any hassle, then follow the procedure given below.

  • The first thing you need to do is delete any older version of the Antivirus you downloaded from another website.
  • After doing this, you have to download this Antivirus from my website. Its download link is given to you above.
  • Then you have to give permission. After giving the permission, you have to go back to your file manager and click on this Antivirus.
  • After that, you have to wait for two to three minutes, and now this Antivirus will run on your mobile

General FAQ

Is this AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK safe to use?
Yes, you can use this Antivirus without any hassle. This Antivirus will protect all your belongings. And will protect you from viruses and malware.

Can we use this Antivirus on our computer?
I will finally say this to all my visitors. If they want to protect your privacy, then you must use this AVG AntiVirus PRO MOD APK. Because with the help of this Antivirus, you can keep all your data safe.


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