Traffic Racer Mod APK V3.5 For Android (MOD, Unlimited)

I will talk to you about a game that will never end, And the name of this game is Traffic Racer mod APK (MOD, Unlimited Money). In this game, you must get your car out of a crowd of hundreds of cars. You have to drive your car until you have an accident. The farther you can drive your car, the higher your score. You are awarded coins for winning each game. You can buy different cars with the help of coins.

Traffic Racer (MOD, Unlimited Money) – Travels to the most incredible and beautiful places in his powerful and uncontrollable car. Overtake all the enemies, earn money, and use it to improve the race car or buy a new one. The other racers in the past have driven many cars onto the road, so be careful not to create an accident. All speed lovers will enjoy the game.

Name Traffic Racer
Size 56 MB
Latest Version 3.5
Requirement Android 4.1 and Above
Developer Soner Kara
Last Update Date 2 days ago

Traffic Racer Mod APK


Traffic Racer Mod APK

And you can buy a lot of things like colors of cars, tires of the car, and upgrade these tires. With the help of these coins, you can also upgrade the speed of your car. The higher your level, the more difficult it will be. But don’t worry, today we will give you a modified version of the Traffic Racer Mod Apk in which you will find unlimited coins.

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Traffic Racer Mod Apk 3.5 (Unlimited Money)

Many of your cars will be open in it, So you don’t have to work hard. Below is a link to this Traffic Racer Mod Apk. You can download it very easily. It takes a lot of coins for you to open a car, And as you know, collecting them is a lot of work.

Traffic Racer Mod APK is developed by soner kara. The graphics and song quality of this game is awe-inspiring. Playing this game makes you feel like you are driving a car.

You can check your driving skills within these games. And you can improve your driving skill. This is a very awesome car game; inside it, you are given a wonderful car to drive.

Traffic Racer Mod APK

You can use this game without the internet and play the game. These days, many games require the internet to play, But that’s not exactly the case. You can use it without the internet.

If you want to have a lot of fun, then you can compete with the police. You can also buy speedy ones and then check the car’s speed on the track. Running these cars will make you feel like you are flying in the air. Their speed will also be very high, and they will be powerful.

You can also change the control of cars within the game. The controls of this Traffic Racer Mod APK are so much more amazing. I can say for sure that your experience is going to be great when you play this game. You can unlock all cars without spending money on this mod.

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Game modes

There are many modes inside this game, which are given below.

  • Endless mode
    This is a simple mode style in which you must go to the end. Basically, it is an arcade-style mode. In it, you have to get your car out of the middle of a lot of cars.
  • Two-way mode
    In this mode, the traffic is passed on both sides, and you have to avoid an accident. This mode of the Traffic Racer Mod APK is challenging. In this, when you pass a car too close, you are given many coins. But in this case, you should avoid incoming cars.

Traffic Racer Mod

  • Freeride
    It gives you a landscape space in which you have to drive.
    Police chase
    In this, the police follow you. So it’s a lot of fun to play and a challenge.
  • Time trial mode
    In it, you are given time, and in that time, you have to play this game. This is also a good mode.
  • Controls
    As I have told you before, the controls of this Traffic Racer Mod APK are excellent. You don’t have to worry about controls in this game. You can also change the controls of this game, And you can change them.

The game has different controls given below.

  1. Steering for this, you can tilt or touch your device.
  2. You will be given a button to slow your car.
  3. So the faster you drive your car, the more you’ll get the score.
  • Audio
    The audio of this game is outstanding. When you are playing this game, you will feel as if it sounds like the original car. The sound of a CAR when you apply the brakes is also excellent.


  • Gold cash unlimited
    You will get unlimited cash and Gold in this traffic Racer Mod APK. This will make playing this game a lot easy for you. This game is too much addictive. I can surely say that you will have a lot of fun playing this game.
  • Beautiful interface
    The interface of this game is straightforward. Its control and graphics are pretty awesome. The interface of traffic racer Mod APK is user-friendly. You can also play this game on small mobiles.
  • No root
    You do not need to root at all to run this game. You will get unlimited gold cash in this game without root. This game will never ban.
  • Trusted
    This game is absolutely free from Malware and any virus. You can play it without any tension. I made this game very safe for you.
  • Controls
    If I talk about control of this game, they are pretty awesome.
  • cars
    In this Traffic Racer Mod APK, you get all cars unlocked. You do not have to spend a single rupee to open all these cars. You have been given cash and gold in this mod, and you can spend them wherever you want.
  • Graphics
    If we talk about graphics, So this game is very wonderful.

Traffic Racer Mod APK

  • Location
    It gives you many lovely locations where you can take your car.


  1. Night city
  2. slum
  3. snowy desert
  4. There is also an ordinary desert

You can play this game in different modes. Given below

  1. Endless mode
  2. Police chase
  3. Two way
  4. Time trial mode
  5. Freeride
  6. Updates
  7. In this Traffic Racer Mod APK, you will get regular updates.

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